Brazzaville : The Capital City Of Republic Of Congo

Capital City Of Republic Of Congo

The capital city of Republic of Congo is Brazzaville and it is the main city of the country. It is located on the banks of the Congo River , on the African continent . Approximately one third of the population of the Republic of the Congo lives in the capital with a total of 1,326,975 inhabitants.

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History About Brazzaville

The city was founded in 1880 by the Italian Count Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, who at the time worked on exploration expeditions in the service of France . The place where the city currently stands was in times before the arrival of the French a village called Ntamo, but from its foundation I take the name of the French explorer. The foundation of this city marked the beginning of the colony of French Congo and Brazzaville which is the capital city of Republic Of Congo quickly became the capital of the colony of French Equatorial Africa . Between 1921 and 1934 a rail link was built with Pointe-Noire, and during its construction 23,000 Africans died.

Capital City Of Republic Of Congo

Capital City Of Republic of Congo

In 1944 after World War II , Brazzaville which is the capital city of Republic Of Congo hosted a conference that was recorded for history as the Brazzaville Conference, which brought together representatives of Free France and those of the French African colonies. In this meeting the Brazzaville which is the capital city of Republic Of Congo Declaration was elaborated and approved, with which it tried to redefine the relations between the metropolis and its colonies. In 1960, after the independence of the Republic of Congo, the city became the capital of the country. In the 1990s due to the civil wars that destroyed and bathed the country in blood ,

Interesting Facts About Brazzaville


It is located on the Congo River in the interior of the African continent 506 km from the Atlantic Ocean and south of the Equator , specifically on its right bank, just opposite Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly called Zaire . The city is located between the coordinates: 4 ° 16’S 15 ° 17’E? And at a height of 317 masl (meters above sea level) surrounded by a huge savannah . These two cities are the two national capitals of the world that are closest to each other.

Kinshasa also called Kinshasa is located on the southern bank of the Congo River just in front of Brazzaville which is the capital city of Republic Of Congo, which is a curious geographical detail where two national capitals are located on the opposite banks of the same river and this phenomenon is only repeated in South America where Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina and Montevideo the capital of Uruguay are also on the opposite margins but this time the Rio de la Plata . In order to differentiate the capitals between the two African countries that in their name carry the word “Congo”,


The industrial branch is the one that predominates in the economy of Brazzaville among which stand out factories of railway material, agroalimentary industries, chemical industries and soaps, among others. The city also has the airport ‘s most important country, of Maya-Maya , as well as several shipyards.

Important Buildings

Among the buildings of greater historical, architectural and patrimonial value of the city are the Basilica of Santa Ana with its peculiar green ceilings, the house of Charles de Gaulle , the Nabemba Tower , the Congress Palace , the Mausoleum of Marien Nguouabi , The Brazzaville Zoo and the Poto-Poto Painting School .

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