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Annual Parents’ Day at the Office November 4

We are going to share today is what national day ?  The calendar of the world days sometimes integrates curious days . The one that we occupy today is annual parents day at the office November 4. The idea is that employees can bring their parents to the office to show them what their day-to-day work looks like.

Annual Parents' Day at the Office November 4

Annual Parents’ Day at the Office November 4

The first day of the event dates back to 2013 and more than 50,000 parents came to visit the company where their son or daughter works. Today, many countries have joined the movement.

Strengthening the link between generations

According to a poll (still source LinkedIn), one parent out of two does not understand what the child’s work is. This trend has been considerably strengthened since the emergence of new jobs linked to the world of the Internet. Seniors generally do not know what a community manager or web designer is.

The main idea of ​​the day is therefore to strengthen the link between the generations. The company far outstrips its role in caring for your family relationships, but the hoped-for benefits go beyond the fact that the parents’ annual day at the office would also strengthen the cohesion of the teams by organizing a festive day.

Some companies make the incentive by organizing climbing or karting inviting parents to the office will certainly prove less tiring and will give parents the opportunity to be proud of their child.

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