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Zagreb : The Capital City Of Croatia

Capital City Of Croatia

The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb.  In Zagreb lies the seat of government of the country and almost all the ministries of the Croatian government. Zagreb which is the capital city of Croatia is formed by two localities that during the XIV and XV competed among themselves, but at the beginning of the XVII century they became one and formed what is now Zagreb which is the capital city of Croatia. It has a freight railway station and an International airport which are located to the south margin of the river Sava ; As far as the industrial areas are to the southeast between the Sava and Prigorje region , is one of the largest in the city.

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History About Zagreb

Zagreb which is the capital city of Croatia today was created from two medieval villages which were developed for centuries on two neighboring hills. The first written memory of Zagreb comes from the year 1094 when the bishopric of Kaptol was founded , while the contiguous Gradec is proclaimed city of free kingdom in the year 1242 . The two villages were surrounded by strong walls and towers, the remains of which are still preserved.

During the Turkish invasions of Europe from the 14th to the 18th centuries Zagreb which is the capital city of Croatia was an important frontier fortress. The Baroque reconstruction of the city in the 17th and 18th centuries changes the shape and appearance of Gradec and Kaptol.

Capital City Of Croatia

Capital City Of Croatia

The old wooden houses collapsed while luxurious palaces, monasteries and churches were being built. Numerous mercantile fairs, income from the estates and the multitude of artisan workshops contributed to the wealth of the city. Rich noble families, kingdom officials, leading clergymen and wealthy merchants from all over Europe moved to the city. Schools and hospitals were opened, the cultural customs of European capitals were accepted. The city strengthened its medieval borders and expanded through the vast valley. Also the first parks and haciendas were built. Zagreb is confirmed as the administrative, economic and cultural center of Croatia.

Interesting Facts About Zagreb

The city was the site of an ancient Roman settlement. In 1093 Zagreb which is the capital city of Croatia was named episcopal seat and, in 1242 , acquired independence. The city was designated capital of Croatia and Slovenia in 1867 , and in 1918 became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (former Yugoslavia ). In 1991 the country became an independent state of Yugoslavia .


It presents a mountainous relief with a very steep coast, they alternate forests, low mountains and very dry plateaus. It is furrowed from north to south and parallel to the coast by the mountain range of the Dinaric Alps , which mark strong climatic differences. Its highest summit is Mount Dinara of 1,800 meters of altitude.


Zagreb, known in antiquity as Zagrabia, is the capital of Croatia , located in the north of the country on the banks of the river Sava . Zagreb, one of the cities with the largest territory in Croatia, is an important industrial center for chemicals, machinery, leather goods , paper , metals and textiles .


The climate in Zagreb is characterized by being continental wet, has 4 seasons in the year, in summer is warm weather and winters are cold, does not have a marked dry season. The temperatures in winter are of 1º C. And in summer reaches the 20º C. The month of May is a very warm month particularly in the end of the same, the temperatures arrive to reach the 30º C, in exchange during the winter there are snows which Begin in December and extends until March , during the fall rain and fog is present.

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