Questions to Ask When Communicating on a Casual Dating Site

When scrolling through articles about matchmaking platforms in hopes of getting dates, most of them claim that finding a partner isn’t hard if you use the right dating site. For some part, this statement is true since the platform you choose determines your chances of actually meeting someone. But still, it often sounds like you don’t even have to try to succeed – you just push one button, and local hotties flock to your DM. In reality, when it comes to matchmaking of any kind, for serious relationships or casual encounters, your success depends on the way you act and what you say when chatting with locals. So, if you currently aim to arrange a casual date or two and want to use a dating site for this purpose, it’s highly beneficial to remember the following five best questions to ask when communicating with local singles.

1. What is your goal here?


It can seem like a dumb question to ask if you use a narrowly targeted platform, but even on niche dating sites, it happens that people can have different goals. Using a digital outlet to find a long-term relationship, a person may also be fine with no strings-attached flings along the way. And vice-versa, it is not uncommon for people to find true love on casual dating sites. That is why such a question should be asked in the first place. Even using some dedicated platforms when looking for girls for a night, where, in theory, all the users should understand why they are here, it’s always worth playing it safe. “What is your purpose here?” – the answer to this question will steer your dialogue in the right direction, and you won’t have to second-guess if you and your new match want the same thing.

2. Have you ever had a one-night stand experience?

This is a tricky one, but still worth asking. The thing is that not everyone wants to deal with someone who has never been in a casual relationship before. It’s not a matter of sexual experience or lack of some kind of specific knowledge. A partner with no experience in one-night stands may develop romantic feelings towards you, even if they didn’t plan it to happen. Of course, no one is immune to such a course of events; at the end of the day, we all started somewhere. We’ve all had our very first hookup experience. But if you are not ready to deal with the consequences of unwanted feelings, it’s better to ask this question and ensure your partner knows what they are doing.

3. How do you imagine a perfect casual date?


For everything to run smoothly, your expectations and the expectations of your future casual partner must match. And what’s the best way to make sure they match? It’s dialogue, of course. Ask directly how your partner would like your date to go. Maybe they have some special wishes and whims that need to be considered. Feel free to voice what you want it to be like, too. It’s not only a proven way to figure out whether your desires and tastes match, but it will also give you and your partner a clue as to how to make the evening enjoyable for both parties. Discuss the details of the upcoming hookup, agree on the place and time, and whether you are going to drink or if it is crucial for you to have an encounter without alcohol. It is small details like these that can both make your date perfect and completely ruin it. Attention to detail always helps to get the best results.

4. Name the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

That’s a great question to get to know your partner and their lifestyle better, but also to understand what that person is capable of. In the first case, it will help you feel closer to the person you are going to sleep with, which is important in an intimate relationship. In the second case, on the other case, it will help you to protect yourself from meeting someone…let’s say, unstable, and that’s even more important. In fact, it’s unlikely that you will meet a psycho on a dating site or at least that you won’t notice it until that moment of encounter, but it never hurts to be careful. Check this signs if some is sexually attracted to you.

5. What are your crucial boundaries?


And finally, last but not least, you have to find out if your partner has boundaries that should never be crossed. We all have certain triggers that we try to avoid, and this applies to both intimate and everyday life. But this issue is perceived particularly acutely when it comes to sex, especially without commitment. Ask if your partner has any unique preferences in bed; perhaps there are things they would like to avoid at all costs. In turn, if you have some boundaries yourself, you should also let them know. This will help you avoid awkward situations during the date in the first place, but it will also encourage you because by knowing the points to avoid, you will know for sure that the situation is under control.

These five simple questions can not only help you get to know your partner better but also allow you to plan your casual date so that everything goes perfectly. Use them every time before scheduling a hookup with the next hottie on a dating site, and we promise you the best results.

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