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Southern Lapwing : National Bird of Uruguay

National Bird of Uruguay

The national bird of Uruguay is the Southern Lapwing, which is renowned as the name of “Tero” there.

National Bird of Uruguay

Due to his daring and aggressive nature, he has become the emblem of Uruguay’s national rugby team. In Brazil this bird is widely known as Quero-Quero, generally, a parroting voice heard. It is a common and general inhabitant throughout all over South America, except in regions with dense forest (for example, mostlyin the Amazon), the highest parts of the Andes and the dry coast of a large part of the western bird South America. This is particularly frequent in the depth of the river plate. It has also spread through Central America in recent years.

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Interesting Facts of Uruguay National Bird

[table caption=”Southern Lapwing Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Uruguay
3,Wingspan,32 to 38 cm
5,Mass Male,250 to 425 g
6,Mass Female,250 to 425 g
7,Body Length,32 to 38 cm

In South America it is the only one crested wader. It is about 32 centimeters to 38 centimeters long and approximately 425 grams in weight.

Lapwings the Teros are found plentiful in the future Patagonia National Park and can circulate in the air and go through the short grass. They are also found in open countryside, fields, pastures, lakes, Seashore, estuaries and yet in urban parks and football fields. They feed on insects, raw meat and vegetables and often help agriculture plague.

There is hardly a difference between both of the sexes. The upper surface is mostly brown-gray with a bronze sheen on the shoulders. The head is especially very attractive; mostly gray with black face and throat patch that extends to the black chest. A clear white linedivides the black from the gray face of the head and crest. The rest of the bottom sides are white, and the eye rings, legs and most of the bill points are pink. It is fitted with reddish bony extensions under the wings (spores), which are used to threaten to the enemies and fight Raptors.

In flight, the wide, rounded wings of red spore lapwings in the wrist area are remarkable, which can be used in combat or to protect their nests. Once they detect risks or detect an intruder, they will scream frantically and fly endlessly and lead the predator away from the true nest location.

The Southern Lapwing waits for their prey on the surface of water or moving through the substrate to be uncovered. They can be included during the food search in a characteristic behavior of rain-whistler-like events when they are placed in a foot and shake movements with the other foot. The wobbly behavior seems to increase the chance of an object of prey by flushing prey.

These Southern Lapwings breeds in meadows and sometimes plowed fields and has an aerobatic display flight. They lay mostly 3 but rarely 4 olive green eggs in a naked ground scrub. The nest and youngsters sound noisily and aggressively defend against all intruders (including humans), through threats, screaming and with short flights.

Uruguay Bird Southern Lapwing Picture

picture of Southern Lapwing

Southern Lapwing Pics

Southern Lapwing Picture

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