Travelling with a Full Time Job: a Possible Idea

Travelling with a fulltime job: a possible idea

Everybody loves travelling. But some people are not as lucky as they are chained to their work desks. Travelling can be very hard to manage when you have a full-time job. However, it is possible to work a full-time job and travel. There are examples of people who work 11 months a year, and take one whole month off just to travel to destinations they want to spend time at. In this article, I will share some tips and tricks that can help you manage your work and travelling altogether. As an experienced writer and a traveller, I have some trick up the sleeve that enables me to travel on long weekends, holidays, and annual leaves to the most exotic parts of the world. So read this article and know how to travel the world with a full-time job at hand.

How do I do it?

You will find hundreds of stories on the internet of people who quit their 9 – 5 jobs and are now travelling the world. It is incredible to see the awareness amongst people about travelling, and each story is inspiring in a way. However, not all are able to quit their jobs and just start travelling around the world due to many reasons. Some have family responsibilities, some are not able to find any leisure time, and some cannot afford travelling and need a job to live. There are thousands of reasons why a person may not travel in his or her whole life. But even if you have these challenges in your life, that doesn’t stop you from finding one reason to just pack your bags and pick a destination to go and enjoy some time.

Travelling with a fulltime job: a possible idea

There is always a way to maintain a full-time job and travel. I get around 20 annual leaves a year. I save them all for my travelling and make at least 2 trips a year. It needs planning and my travelling is not like random that I want it to be, but still I travel and consider myself lucky to do so. One thing that I have noticed a lot in myself and other veteran travellers is that a person needs to be fully committed with his or her plans. If you purchase a ticket in advance then you are committed to travelling until and unless an emergency happens. So in this way, you will never be double-minded to travel.

How to travel with a fulltime job?

Following are some of the best ways that are used by me, and other working travellers, which enable us to embark on our journey without leaving our jobs.

Making travel a priority

If you want to travel to your desired destinations by keeping a full-time job, you need to make travelling your number one priority. Travelling requires commitment. It requires money and time, and not everyone is willing to sacrifice their daily lives for travelling. So if you really want to travel, you need to make it a priority. Start saving for your trips and sacrifice on other things you like. I always wanted to own a heavy bike, but once I took a trip with my family into the mountains, I have made travelling my first priority and save every single possible penny for it.

Acquiring discounts from wherever possible

Travelling is expensive, and unless you have all the time in the world to go on a backpacking trip, I recommend you to avail all the discounts you can find. When I usually travel, I take advice from renowned travel agencies, experts, and fellow travellers. One such travel agency is Dream World Travel. They have helped me a lot in acquiring cheap flight tickets, suitable and reasonable accommodations, car rentals, and travel transfers. As I have availed their services, I can vouch for their reliability and effectiveness on my wallet. Find DWT budget flights and always save on your travelling plans to travel an extra mile. Also, search the internet for more discount deals and packages. I believe that travelling doesn’t require leaves from work, money is the first thing that enables a person to travel. So avail every discount you can lay your hands on. You can also visit www.parkon.com, and check some of the ways you can spare some money when you traveling.

Take your annual leaves instead of cashing them

Different studies have shown us that most people prefer to cash in their annual leaves, instead of taking them. This is totally up to them, and I don’t want to judge or influence their minds. But I will suggest them to stop cashing annual leaves, and take them to enjoy some time with yourself, your family, and people whom you love. Travelling is one great way to refresh and reset your mind, body, and soul. So take your days and enjoy travelling.

Plan your trips wisely around weekends and holidays

This may seem silly and illogical but it has every bit of logic associated with it. You should always plan your trips around weekends and holidays. You can do a short trip on a long 3 or 4 days weekend by attaching a public holiday with it. You can also take your annual leaves around public holidays and weekends. Make your 5 annual leaves into a 9 or 10 days’ vacation by planning it around weekends.

Taking advantage of official trips

Whenever I go on a business or official trip, I plan them in a way that I am able to explore that city and surroundings to a great extent. So I recommend you all to do the same, and make the most of official trips, as they don’t cost a penny and yet you can maximize your enjoyment from it.

Do solo trips

One of the main reason why people don’t go out on trips is due to the difference of interest in their friend’s circle. Sometimes, even your partner, or family isn’t supportive of your travelling, or they don’t come along with you. For this reason, you can either convince them to come or just go solo if travelling is important to you. I sometimes end up going alone as I cannot wait for others, neither can I compromise over my interests of travelling.

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