Swan : National Bird Of Ukraine

National Bird Of Ukraine

The national bird of Ukraine is Swan. The swans are beautiful and peaceful waterfowl birds, they belong to the phylum Chordata, class Aves of the family Anatidae and genus Cygnus. Swans are an important part of European culture, they were taken as birds of peace and love in old European culture. Swans are the largest flying waterfowl birds, they have an average length of 59 inches, they weigh between 14-16 kg. They have large wings for flying, the feathers expand up to 10 ft when flying. They are about ducks and geese. They have long necks and heavy breasts and a small tail. Their legs are dark gray in color some American species do possess the pinkish legs. Some of the swans have black colored bills, some are entirely white except legs and beak, and some are black and white.

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Swans live in moderate and warm areas, mostly the tropical regions. Some species do exist in Australia and New Zealand. In winters, they migrate to warmer climates, most of the swans take winter refuge in Asia and Eastern European region. All species of swans live in waters, mostly lakes and riversides. They spend some of their times on land near water. They mostly eat herbs and plants, they occasionally feed on water insects and fish.

[table caption=”Swan Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Ukraine
3,Wingspan,185 to 250 cm
5,Mass Male,15 kg
6,Mass Female,15 kg
7,Body Length,125 to 170 cm

Swans which is the National Bird of Ukraine have dark patches around their eyes, mostly black colored beak and eyes. Some of the species have yellow patches. Both male and female swans are alike in shape and size, they exhibit sexual dimorphism and males are somewhat heavier than female swans. Once listed as endangered species, the population of swans increased exponentially in the last two decades. In old times, swans were mainly reared for meat. Swans only live in fresh water reserves, they migrate if water is polluted.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Ukraine:

  • Swans are very aggressive in case of any intrusion. They are often seen attacking humans and animals nearing their flocks or cygnets.
  • The lifespan of Swan is between 8-10 years on average. The oldest swan lived was 20-years old.
  • The lifespan of caged or pet swans may increase 3-5 years from normal.
  • In season, swans hatch 3-8 eggs and incubate for 35-45 days.
  • Males and females build the nest with mutual cooperation, the nests are built on land near the water reserve.
  • It is a familiar quote of Socrates that swans sung the most beautiful song before their death.
  • In England, the Queen of England owns all the mute swans that live near Thames River. All the swans are gathered each year and marked with queen’s stamp as a tradition.
  • Swans mate for life, they never divorce and only look for a new mate when the other one dies.
  • The cygnets have short necks as compared to elder ones and mate five years after the birth.
  • The swans have great wings with webbed feet for swimming.
  • The Australian Swans have the ability to swim only with one leg.
  • The adult male swans are called cobs and females are called pens in English.

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