White-throated Dipper : National Bird Of Norway

National Bird Of Norway

White-throated Dipper is the national bird of Norway. They are also known as Dippers or European Dippers or Cinclus. They belong to class Aves, family Cinclidae, and genus Cinclus. Their binomial name is Cinclus. The White-throated Dipper is a tiny bird with small size and short tail. Their small size and sharp feathers help them run and fly swiftly. They are mostly aquatic in their habitat and live near rivers and freshwater streams. They have a short flight, but they are quick with their short wings. They climb briskly from tree to tree. White-throated Dipper was officially named the National Bird of Norway in the year 2000. It is found in almost every part of Norway, it feeds on small insects, flies, and larva. They have white breasts with black dots in the upper region, the rest of the body is black-colored with brownish black-colored beaks and tails.

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The primary source of food lies near the freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers, it jumps up to catch anything that comes under the radar, it dives into the water to pick up its favorite food i.e. larvae and shrimps. It is a unique bird that can swim and fly with equal speed. It’s small size help to dive in and out of the water with fast current without drowning. Its wings are powerful enough to help White-throated Dipper as underwater oars. The toes are secondary helpers in swimming into the water. The White-throated Dippers are found in Asia, Indian subcontinent, Europe, and the Middle East. Among several species of dippers, they are differentiated for their differences in colors and sizes.

[table caption=”White-throated Dipper Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Norway
3,Wingspan,25.5-30 cm
5,Mass Male,50-76 g
6,Mass Female,50-76 g
7,Body Length,17-20 cm

The younger ones are born after three weeks of incubation and have no feathers with eyes opened at birth. The more buddingWhite-throated Dippers are fed for three to four weeks by parents, often by male dipper while female protects them. In a single nest, European dippers hatch for two seasons and leave the nest after two seasons. The male and female partner for a lifetime. The White-throated Dippers are listed among the least concerned species as their breed is found everywhere in the world.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Norway :

  • White-throated Dippers are strange birds that can fly and swim simultaneously.
  • They have a unique and sharp call with ZilZil
  • They build nests near streams and rivers.
  • The average length of dipper is 18-20 cm or 7 inches.
  • They hatch 4-6 eggs that are smaller in size and white in color. The hatching period is spring season, in between March and May.
  • They are called dippers for their exclusive dip in the water streams.
  • They nest in hollow rocks or cracks near water streams or rivers.
  • The male White-throated Dippersings to attract females for mating.
  • Dippers may hunt on fish if needed.
  • Apart from Norway, the White-throated Dippers or European Dippers are found in abundance in Scotland, and Ireland.
  • The Indian dippers are relatively larger in size than the European dippers.
  • The grip of dipper toes is almost equal in strength to the human hand, toes and beaks are the primary tools of hunting for White-throated Dippers.

White-throated Dipper Picture

Picture of White-throated Dipper

White-throated Dipper Pics


White-throated Dipper Picture

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