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St. George’s: Capital of Grenada

Capital of Grenada

The capital of Granada St. George’s. The city’s port is seen as the inspiration for an old watercolor. Brightly colored buildings painted in shades of pink guava, lime green and orange mango Sit next to charming historic colonial buildings, stone churches and the fortress towering over the city. The city feels European but has a distinctively Caribbean appearance, and the inner harbor is most beautiful in the region.

The capital of Granada St. George’s. The inner harbor is really landlocked; is a crater full of water left by a dead volcano. Strolling along the promenade is one of the funniest ways to explore the capital. Spend an afternoon the Carenage, the waterfront of the Waterfront, and then relax in the pedestrian square with flowers.

St. George’s: Capital of Grenada

At the corner of Monckton and Young Streets is the National Museum of Granada, housed in a prison barracks and French army built in 1704. Although the collection is small, it contains many interesting treasures that depict the history of Granada, including the first Island telegraph, native wildlife, archaeological excavation finds, rum still, petroglyphs and much more. The most complete exhibition is dedicated to the native culture of the island.

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Partial View of St. George’s

The capital of Granada St. George’s Climb Richmond Hill in Fort Frederick, an impressive fortress started in 1779 by the French and ended in 1791 by the English. The current restoration is the result of the ambitious government program of Canada in the 1990s. The fort has many excellent surprises for visitors, including magnificent harbor views, a picturesque marina and many battlements to explore.

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Annandale Waterfalls, Grenada

Granada is a small island, and the areas outside of St. George’s are also worth exploring. Fifteen minutes from the city is the tropical wonderland of Annandale Falls, with waterfalls that reach almost 30 feet high. Relax and picnic among elephant ears, lianas vines entanglements and other vibrant tropical flora, take a refreshing swim in the fresh waters and indigenous spices displays in the center of Annandale Falls.

Gouyave nutmeg processing plant, Grenada

If you head along the west coast, you will discover beaches, spice plantations and the fishing villages that are icons of Granada. Take an afternoon to visit Gouyave, a small town that is the industry capital of nutmeg and mace. Large quantities of spices are aged, processed and sorted into the Gouyave nutmeg processing cooperative, and treat visitors to views of them being prepared for the market.

Levera Beach, Grenada

Levera beach of palm trees stretches across the northeastern corner of the island. The idyll of the sand is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, and is a perfect place for a picnic. The nearby Levera 445 hectares National Park is home to many white sandy beaches. Welcome divers and swimmers. The area is also a hiker’s paradise, which contains a mangrove swamp, bird sanctuary and lake.

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

The Rio Antoine rum distillery is a favorite attraction for many visitors to Granada. North of the capital, the distillery offers a wide variety of visual effects from the mid-19th century Industrial Revolution that shook the colonial Caribbean. It is the oldest rum distillery in the world, and much of its original machinery is still on display. The tours are free and visitors are welcome to taste the final product.

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