How Does Religion Influence Self-Concept and Self-Motivation?

Religions may not be the same for everyone and faith depends a lot on the tradition of the region where we live, but what is common to all is that those who find themselves in it, live in incredible peace and are grateful for everything they have. Faith and God are carried in the heart. People tend to create sacred items and worship, build religious buildings, wear religious symbols, and emphasize their faith in God. However, true believers know that faith, hope, and love for God are part of us, and we do not scatter them in front of other people, but we show more or less subtle respect.

No matter what religion you belong to, you know that belief in God is its foundation, but also the right of man to choose whether and what to believe, without imposing it or judging others for their choices. For some, it is faith to wear a religious symbol like a piece of jewelry, a rosary, or a pendant, while others do not do it at all because they think it is wrong. In some religions, prayer is obligatory, while in others it is optional. Some are guided by written religious principles, while others believe with their heart. Every way is right, as long as you do it honestly and with pure intention.

Some people believe and pray for themselves and their loved ones. Others show their loyalty and devotion to God by placing icons in their homes and other sacred art. It is up to you to decide how you will do it. If you want to constantly feel like God is around you and you need a physically present altar, then you can have it all at home thanks to the religious items you can find at

Remember, as long as you are happy, self-aware, self-confident, motivated, and well aware of what self-love means, then what you feel in your heart is really important, not the way you practice your religion.

What is self-concept?


Self-concept is a set of beliefs that a person has about himself. It can be said that this is the answer to the question “Who and what am I?”, And religion can play a big role in that. Many people describe themselves as spiritual, with a higher purpose than the pleasures of earthly life. Thanks to their religious teachings, they know what it means to be a good person with a purpose and mission on Earth. They are aware that believing in God is much more than praying and visiting a religious temple, no matter what religion they belong to.

For them, faith is an important part of self-concept, but at the same time, it helps them to be motivated by following the teachings of the holy books and scriptures.

Thus, we can say that religious principle will help in self-knowledge. People become aware of their actions, but they also recognize temptations as well as past sins. It is important for them to be able to forgive themselves, to pray, and then to continue living by doing good deeds and improving their self-definition.

You probably know that this applies in different ways, even among members of the same religion. The biggest difference is in the level of faith, skepticism, and openness to accept God’s rules unreservedly and with a completely open heart.

Many have found personal peace in doing so because faith soothes, comforts, teaches important lessons, but also motivates us to be as good and better as possible with each subsequent action.

It will help you to appreciate yourself more


It depends a lot on you and your religiosity, but there is a lot of evidence that people who believe can value themselves more. However, we must emphasize that this is more prevalent in countries and cultures that are considered very religious and where faith is an important part of the personal stamp of that tradition. But you do not lose anything if you try to adhere to the faith that was set for you by your parents. There are people who in their lifetime have moved on to another, precisely to find that peace and to value themselves as they deserve.

It will calm you down when you are upset


The basic teachings of religions say that God has the answer to everything. When you are upset about life events, He puts you to the test to help you learn an important lesson that will be useful in the next stage of your life. This is something that religious people also apply a lot, so you will rarely see them upset about current events, that is, they manage it well, believing that they are learning something new and useful, which they can use in the next challenge that God will give to them.

Improves your sleep


Sleeping at night, when we are free from anxiety and overthinking is much easier and better and you will wake up rested and with more energy. Many will not see the connection between religion and easy sleep, but just remember that religious people are more motivated, self-aware, and have an explanation for what is happening to them, without seeking excuses. These people really sleep better at night and it is good to follow their example so that you can relax and wake up yourself motivated and richer in your self-concept.


Religions differ in the way they are practiced, in whom one believes, and in the way, God is worshiped. But what is universal for all of them is that the ultimate goal is to teach us that our earthly life has a shelf life and that it is in vain to spend it on things that make us happy and fulfilled. Even if you are not a religious person, you can apply some of the religious teachings to feel more aware and better, to understand some things, but also to see why your religious friends are visibly happier and calmer, even when life puts them in front of difficult challenges.

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