Refusing Drugs Is a Better Choice Than Accepting Them

Healing from drug addiction is not possible unless the drug addict decides to break the physical dependence on the substance. Drug addiction might not be a choice sometimes but getting treatment and trying to become clean again is a choice that an addict should make if he wants to live a better life. He has to stay strong for himself and his loved ones. If any person is dealing with drug addiction, then his loved ones should try to help him by getting him admitted to a good rehabilitation facility. Look at this site. The medically supervised treatment plans are much more helpful and suitable for treating addiction rather than trying to detox at home because the patient becomes quite sick during the detox process and unprofessional helpers might not be able to sustain his condition well and quickly enough.

Customized treatment plans for drug addiction


Every single patient that gets admitted to a rehab center has his own unique medical and family history, genetic conditions, or other medical conditions like diabetes or heart problems, etc. which is why the workers in the respective facility take all their information over the phone and create a customized plan so that they can be well prepared in advance for the arrival of the patient. Some rehab facilities also provide transportation facilities for their clients in case they live far away or they are unable to come to the facility by themselves. Moreover, just like regular hospitals, the patient’s health insurance will cover the medical bills for his treatment plan and he does not have to worry.

The treatment centers take such a comprehensive approach for their patients that they make sure that all of their needs are met. They also work with the patient’s family doctor to avoid any issues. They also have a complete team of doctors, counselors, and professional addiction specialists that are available twenty-four hours a day to provide assistance to the patient whenever he needs it. Whether you need a private clinic, group therapy, or rehab center doesn’t matter as long as you know you have a problem. A professional will recommend to you where is the best place for you to start your healing journey, depending on your issue. Some places you can research yourself and check out the reviews. For example, if you have a meth addiction problem and you are trying to find a good Toronto local based clinic, you can browse for a Toronto methadone clinic and check the experiences of previous patients. It will help you understand whether it is a good fit for you.

The whole treatment plan is no less than a painful ordeal for the patient but these workers try their best to provide as much comfort as they can to ease his pain mentally as well as physically. After the treatment is completed, there are aftercare programs for the patient because even when the recovery is done, a slight chance for relapse always remains and keeps the patient in danger. For this purpose, these aftercare programs are set up which help the patient to stay away from substance abuse.

Residential detoxification


As aforementioned, doing a detox at home can be difficult and dangerous but in the residential detox program, detox is carried out in a controlled environment where trained staff is available for the patient at all times to tackle any psychological, physical, and emotional symptoms of detox. On average, a detox can range from four to seven days and the process will comprise of the removal of any traces of alcohol, drugs, or harmful toxins from the patient’s body to set him on the path to recovery. Substance abuse can’t be controlled by going cold turkey, rather the detox is done through the gradual reduction and removal of toxins from the body.

The previous dependence on these substances causes problems because the body and the brain take time to adjust to these changes and the patient has to suffer the symptoms of withdrawal. These are a combination of mental and physical effects that may include vomiting, nausea, fatigue, mood swings, erratic sleeping habits, loss of appetite, sweating, irritability, muscle pain, and tremors, etc. These conditions are best treated by a medically trained staff. Recovering from addiction might be an individual and a personal journey but a patient can choose to include his loved ones if they help make his recovery process easier. There are group therapy and counseling as well as massage and yoga sessions for the patients at rehab centers.

Rehab facilities are designed to provide a safe and comfortable sanctuary and their primary focus is the well-being and recovery of the patient. He can choose to spend time alone in quiet and peace or he can go to the public areas to socialize with the other residents. There are options for consultations, socializing, playing board games, reading, painting, or exercising. The patient is free to choose whatever option he feels most comfortable with. The centers also provide nourishing meals prepared with care. In-house appointments can be scheduled for the patients whenever they need them. As some people prefer keeping their personal affairs to themselves, these facilities make sure that their privacy is well maintained and the patient does not have any complaints regarding this matter.

Importance of aftercare programs for substance abuse


During the treatment, the patients are taught some methods to avoid relapse but because it always looms about as a possibility in the convalescent’s life, it is necessary for him to attend aftercare programs. It is easier to stay away from drugs when a person is continuously monitored during his recovery program but when he goes back to his life outside the safe walls of the facility, he starts to face real challenges. This is where aftercare programs come to help because they help the patient in transitioning from the intensive treatment process gradually back into his daily life and routine. They further help him to remain free of drugs and alcohol and even teach him how to avoid slipping back into his old habits and harming his physical and mental health again.

The aftercare programs are a major help to avoid relapsing. Only a person who goes through recovery knows how difficult the ordeal is but if he relapses somehow, the recovery process will become even harder than before. Even this knowledge may help him stay strong and keep avoiding drugs because he knows how much effort he put into his recovery. He owes it to himself to stay strong because he has fought tooth and nail to become healthy again.

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