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Public Domain Day January 1

We are going to share today is what national day? The beginning of each New Year is a time of celebration all over the world as public domain day and the occasion to wish one another a good year for getting a sometimes difficult daily.

Public Domain Day January 1

The first of January is also a very special date for knowledge because a great number of information, works and creations become freely accessible to all humanity.

Public Domain Day January 1

With the copyright share expiring for the works of artists who died seventy years ago, thousands of works are in the public domain. Let’s take advantage of it to insult us against this language which consists in saying that a work “falls” into the public domain. It does not fall, it rises towards the public!

Common heritage

The work no longer belongs to anyone; it becomes an integral part of a common treasure, available to all, our intangible heritage.

The world of digital creation is particularly aware of this celebration and it is interesting to note that the European Union is a partner in this initiative, in its support for the Communia program ( “The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture” ).

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