6 Tips for Professional Online Presentations

Every idea, initiative, startup, project, and business needs a presentation. Some people consider it a thing of the past, while others actively use this tool to create visually appealing projects. We all know that any audience initially perceives everything with their eyes. And here it is important to make an interesting and enticing design.

Any presentation is a carefully thought out step that is consistently implemented in the PowerPoint program. Imagine that you have a blank canvas. This is a clean, new presentation. And it is up to you to determine what the final result will be, whether it will affect the audience, whether it will have the desired impact, etc.

To achieve your goals, you need to consider many aspects, even those that sometimes seem unimportant. Visit here to learn about why executive presence works and how to get it.

We have prepared a short guide with the most essential tips for creating the perfect presentation. Hurry up and read on, memorize the key rules, and build the best projects.

1. Don’t Let PowerPoint Decide for You


This is one of the first rules you should get in your head if you want to create a UNIQUE project. Initially, the PowerPoint program has a standard set of ready-made designs for slides. But since the program has been around for a long time, they are so outdated that sometimes they can ruin the most interesting project.

Of course, you can change color schemes, add your own components, etc. But the fact that these designs have been used hundreds of thousands of times will change the essence dramatically. So, we can say that PowerPoint decides how your presentation will look like.

But is that the right thing to do? Take matters into your own hands and turn to ready-made solutions. Here we offer you to dip into the huge world of Microsoft PowerPoint templates. More about this topic you can find on masterbundles. These ready-made products can turn your design thoughts upside down and reveal the heart of the project in a completely different way. With these items you will be able to create a quality presentation in minutes.

2. Professional But Simple PowerPoint Templates

If you do opt for templates (and we strongly advise you to do so), then the question arises: how and what to choose? You should not be intimidated by the fact that the Internet is flooded with templates. Find some popular and reliable resources. There you will be able to search for suitable web solutions. Focus on the design. Be sure to choose a product that matches the topic. Find a professional template that will have lots of extra slides, clear infographics and interesting design. Also, don’t forget that the presentation should be simple. You don’t need to overload it with information, pictures and video materials. Keep it in balance, and then you’ll have a great result.

3. The 6×6 Rule


Content optimization is also an important aspect. It is worth remembering that your presentation slides should only support the speech, attract the audience’s interest, and not exist on their own or, even worse, completely mirror the speaker’s speech. The less text there is in your presentation, the better. The audience should not read from the screen during the presentation, it will be distracting and diffuse. The text should be comfortable for quick reading. It should be a couple of words or a bulleted short list. The 6×6 rule is active here. There should be no more than six words in a line, and no more than six lines on a slide. It is also essential to use clear, concise, short sentences, without complex subordinate forms.

4. Easy With Colors


There should be simplicity, brevity and minimalism in the colors. This still works in the process of creating the presentation. Choose one to three colors for the background, text, etc. Follow the chosen sequence and do not change colors without necessity. Remember that the color scheme on the projection screen will be more pale than on the monitor screen. Therefore, use the most contrasting combinations in the design. The white color shines brighter than the others when played back on a projector. So, for example, light text on a dark background is better readable and less eye tiring. Also avoid colors that are too bright and acidic. They spoil the impression of the design and can simply turn the audience away from your project.

5. Pick the Right Images


The rules are the same as for textual content. Do not use shallow, crowded and captivated by the abundance of superfluous information photos. Use large, high-quality, attractive images. Sometimes it is better to show nothing than to show a blurry illustration. Don’t use someone else’s images unless you’re sure you have permission to do so. Contact experts who can help you illustrate the material and make it look better. This can be drawing charts, selecting photos from stock or free resources or creating illustrations. Do not place a large amount of text on top of images. Properly chosen pictures will be a great background for a short slogan, headline. Also, don’t overdo with frames, shadows, transparencies and other built-in PowerPoint effects.

6. Be careful with animations

The presentation services allow you to enrich the slides with different visual effects. And that is not a bad thing when it comes to entertaining projects. The trick to creating a presentation for a webinar or other business purpose is to avoid using them. At best, they will distract the audience from the main message. At worst, they will show that the content of the slides is so boring that only eye-catching flashing and jumping letters can wake up the listeners. Of course, it is not to say that you should abandon animation forever. No, it is also an important aspect of making engaging presentations. And if for some reason it is necessary to use transitions and animation, choose only the most calm options that will match the style of the project.


Any project, story, company offering, or report looks richer, more harmonious, and more impressive with the use of PowerPoint tools or similar software than a dry presentation. Expand your skills in using PowerPoint program, make your presentations as effective as possible, and use the 6 tips that are sure to help you succeed.

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