How Often Should You Conduct PAT Testing for Your Appliances?

One of the essential parts of maintaining one’s electrical equipment and appliances includes doing a regular PAT test. There exists a particular time within which such a test should be at least once. It ensures better functioning and care of the appliance, and it will also help in ensuring that they last for a longer time and can get replaced whenever a need for it arises.

PAT refers to Portable Appliance Testing and is especially important for those who own a business since it helps in the maintenance of the overall safety of the staff, customers and even the visitors and other clients that one might have. Regular testing can also help in the reduction of costs that may arise out of electrical malfunctions caused due to ill-maintenance and care. These days there also exist simple and easy services available for such testing as PAT Testing Brighton which can be a convenient option for many. It can be a bit tricky to determine when or how often PAT testing might be needed since its frequency can be dependent on a lot of different factors and because different situations require varied measures to be taken. Hence, the frequency can be impacted by business-to-business.

As different businesses can require different frequencies of such a test, below are some basic guidelines related to some of the most important places of business:

1. Shops, Hotels and Offices


Offices are mainly the places where there are a lot of hardware and electronic items related to IT or Information Technology. It includes whole computers and even the computer parts. In an office setting, such devices are used daily and there are many businesses where they form an essential part of the work employees are engaged in, for example, the IT sector. These computers and computer parts also form a huge part of management industries like hotel businesses where they are used daily to keep logs and checks of all the customers along with business expenses and investments. These devices form part of the Class 1 equipment and are recommended to get tested at least once every four years.

Besides permanent and essential equipment like computers, there also exists portable electrical equipment which needs to be checked and tested using PAT. These include things like extension cords and leads. According to the experts, they should be PAT tested at least once every two years.

There are also many mobile devices which are used by shops, hotels and offices. These can include hand-held scanners and other equipment that are used very often in such businesses. As they have such regular usage, they are expected to be tested by PAT at least once a year.

2. Industries


Mainly two types of equipment may be used in the case of an industrial set-up. These can be broadly divided into those that are stationary and stable and those which are hand-held and movable.

Handheld and movable equipment can include equipment like portable machinery and other types of electronic things that may be used in a professional kitchen set-up. It can include various types of grinders and mixers and other machines like boilers, etc. As they are so often used, they need to be checked more regularly as compared to other stationary equipment used in such a setting. It is why they need to be PAT tested at least twice a year or once every six months.

Besides this, other electrical equipment like those which are permanently affixed in industries or those kept in one place and used regularly should also be tested pretty often. It includes getting them tested at least once a year so that their condition can be seen and repaired and be maintained to get a longer life.

3. Schools


Schools are also places where a lot of electronic equipment and devices are used by faculties, management and even students to make work easier, and faster and to gain quicker access to study material and resources.

Many schools also contain computer labs and research and development centres which require them to be equipped with the best quality electronic devices as well as loose equipment which can be used in doing practicals, experiments and the formation of other tools. In such settings of schools, the class 1 equipment like IT devices should be checked and PAT tested at least once a year without fail. It is because schools are places where such equipment can be the most vulnerable, more so if constantly used by children who are still learning how to use them. So, such regular checkups can be seen to be useful to maintain their condition and to know if they require any repair or upgradation.

Besides this, the other class 2 equipment in such an institution like the photocopiers, etc. may be tested using PAT at least once in two years.

4. Construction Sites


Construction sites are also places where much different equipment is used daily. These are also some of the heaviest equipment that takes up a large amount of power and electricity to operate and hence, one needs to consider how often they should be checked. A lot of different types of equipment are used on the construction site including those taking up 110V. Such equipment should be PAT tested at least once every three years so that they can be well-maintained.



In conclusion, any business needs to get its PAT testing done at the correct time and intervals. It not only ensures their safety but also the safety of their customers and clients. Getting regular PAT testing done can help in saving up a lot of costs that may come up in the future. Before getting PAT testing done, one should see how often it needs to be done in their area of business so that they can get it done according to the right time suitable for their business as this frequency differs from business-to-business and equipment to equipment.

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