10 Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Support Services

A lot of companies are using outsourcing services for different purposes, including accounting, customer support, IT support, marketing and promotions, and so on. Outsourcing is pretty beneficial for the new companies with tight budgets, who can’t afford to hire a lot of employees for a long-term plan, but surely can manage to plan their money for a part-time service when they need to complete a particular project. According to CM IT Solutions, these companies offer a lot of services, including cybersecurity, data backup, and needed support, without having to open job positions for a whole team in your company.

IT outsourcing is one of the most anticipated ways to keep your team productive, and clients satisfied. At the same time, it can save a lot of money, because these companies charge for the service and assign a person or team to do the job. Their salary doesn’t depend on you too, because if you don’t hire them, someone else will, and they will have full hands of job. These contracts can be for a limited time, but also long-term too.

In general, this type of service lets you decrease expenses and reduce the risks of getting things wrong. If they make a mistake they will resolve it, without putting your employees in an unpleasant situation. Anyway, all these things come with benefits, but also some disadvantages too. So, let’s see what you can do and how you can use them:


1. Working on a contract


Contracts are usually limited, and they include conditions from both sides. For example, they tell their fee, but you expect the complete service you paid for. That makes them motivated and helps you get exactly what do you need. Also, when someone goes on vacation or leave, your HR department won’t need to deal with that, because they will replace the person anyway, and manage to complete the tasks and deliver the project right on time.

2. You can focus on your goals

If you are a company that is working on different products and services but still needs some IT to support, then it’s expected that you will choose to outsource and focus your skills and power to what’s your goal. For example, if you are a restaurant chain owner, and you need a website and app for orders, you will hire professionals to develop them for you, and you will focus on improving your menu, offers, and services.

3. Safe and secure data coverage

Data safety should be your priority, especially if you have active clients who are using your online services. An IT company will know what to do to provide the needed protection of their data. If you are a start-up or a small business owner, you can’t really afford to hire a data security expert, but outsourcing companies already have those professionals in their portfolio. So, don’t mind mentioning this service in the requirements. That’s how you build trust among the customers.

4. Planning the expenses


You will know how much money you need for salaries and for the outsource service every month. They usually work on fixed prices, and you can plan the budget properly, and paid them right on time. Also, you can review the expenses every month and see do you really need to spend money on something, or you can optimize the budget for other useful things.

5. Getting exactly what you need

If you explain what do you want and need, the whole team will work on the project until it looks just like you ordered it. So, don’t hesitate to hire these professionals, because they will always know how to meet your requirements for a reasonable price.


1. You may have issues approaching them


Communication is crucial in all businesses, and sometimes some CEOs prefer to have these professionals in the office, so they can easily resolve every issue. Keep in mind that outsourcing companies may have hands full of the work at the particular moment, and they won’t be able to resolve the problems immediately.

2. They are taking control over your goals

IT services aren’t easy to control. And when a company is focused on more than one goal, they won’t be completely efficient. At some point, they are those who are creating conditions and tell you what to do and when to expect the completed results. And that’s not how things are done.

3. They aren’t honest when they don’t have time

These companies depend on their clients, and sometimes they can take more jobs than they can handle. That results in bad work, delays, and fights between them and the person who hired them. Surely they want to earn more money, but an honest company will always be aware of the capacities and possibilities, without putting their client in a critical situation.

4. Additional expenses may appear

They can estimate the price of the resources, but sometimes, during the process of working on the IT solution, they can come up with something better that may increase the price while shortening the delivery time.

5. You always risk hiring an unprofessional company

That’s why you have to ask for recommendations. And make a lot of interviews, organize meetings, and talk to them. You can even include your employees in the whole process, so they can help you make the decision. It’s always better to prevent a catastrophe, even if that means you will have to use all the skills you have to recognize if someone is honest with you or not.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you should be aware of when hiring an outsourcing IT company. There are always benefits, but you shouldn’t underestimate the risks. In the end, you are the one who will make the decision do you really need them, or you can relocate some money and hire a professional who will be your employee and always present in the office. Just take your time and consider all the aspects as important, especially the things we included in this article.

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