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National Techies Day October 3

Here we are going to tell you about today is what national day. National Techies Day is observed annually on October 3. During National Techies Day, students are encouraged to consider a career in technology.

In California, the birthplace of many modern technological innovations, the 2012 report Technology Works: High-Tech Employment and Wages in the United States by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute commissioned by Engine Advocacy concluded that for every high-tech job four more are created.

National Techies Day October 3

National Techies Day October 3

In the United States, tech jobs are predicted to grow 22% by 2024. While the types of technology positions range from healthcare and administration, software development to information security, this job sector is still on the rise.

Consider that National Techies Day falls during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. If all your devices are locked down and secure, thank a techie. If it’s not, find one and get some help getting it secure!


In 1999, it was expected that 60% of new jobs would require advanced technology skills. Then launched National Techies Day to encourage kids to embrace computer science and even the monikers that are sometimes attached to contemporary technology. Being a computer nerd or geek, even like National Day Calendar’s own Guru of Geek, in the fast growing world of technology opens doors to career opportunities.

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