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National Latino AIDS Awareness Day October 15

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day October 15

We are going to share today is what national day ? On October 15, AIDSVu perceives National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) by conveying consideration regarding the effect of HIV on U.S. Hispanic/Latino populaces. Toward the finish of 2013, Hispanics/Latinos represented 21 percent of individuals living with analyzed HIV in the U.S., in spite of speaking to just 17 percent of the national populace. Also, surprisingly since 2008, new HIV analyze among Hispanics/Latinos expanded in 2014, with about 9 of every 10 of those recently analyzed being male.

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day October 15

To get associated with National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, you can focus on one of these activities:

Bring issues to light – Share this infographic from AIDSVu to bring issues to light about the effect of HIV in Hispanic/Latino people group utilizing the hashtag #NLAAD.

Get Tested – The best way to know your HIV status is to get tried. The CDC suggests that everybody ages 13-64 be tried for HIV at any rate once in their lifetime. Visit AIDSVu.org to discover nearby testing focuses, restorative care suppliers, and HIV anticipation administrations.

Comprehend HIV Where You Live – Explore AIDSVu’s intuitive maps at the national, state, and nearby levels. You can channel by various socioeconomic, including age, race, and sex, and transmission classifications for a superior comprehension of the scourge in your general vicinity.

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