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National Hearing Day March 09

We are going to share today is what national day?  In 2018, we will celebrate the 19th National Hearing Day. It aims to raise public awareness of a broad public health issue. It is traditionally celebrated on the 2nd of March.

National Hearing Day March 09

National Hearing Day March 09

I will begin my story by the end to reassure myself once again: Today I lead a normal, relieved and happy life … Happy because a year ago, I thought my life was spoiled.

Simply ruined because of a cursed whistle in my skull, which completely prevented me from sleeping, with the complications it entails: fatigue, depression, fear of the future, and so on.

This whistle, (I will learn a few days after it bore a name: “tinnitus”) appeared after an evening at the ball of the Elysee Montmartre in Paris. The music was not necessarily very strong (at least that’s what we think about the moment!), It is that the next day I had tinnitus. From there began a

vain search : doctors, ENT, medicines of all kinds

After 3 months of severe depression, I managed to do without a sleeping pill, and slowly, I found the way to sleep despite my tinnitus always present. I could sleep 2 hours then 3, then 4, etc.

With time, my perception of my tinnitus had changed; have they diminished a little or is it my mere perception? I do not know, in any case, they bothered me less and less. Until today I do not pay much attention.

My tinnitus is of low intensity compared to others, it is surely for this reason that I am accustomed to it. I consider myself a little miracle because if it is, a few minutes more in this musical hell  

Testimony of Sébastien – 17 years

Hearing: Capital to be protected

As a matter of public health, hearing problems affect nearly 5 million people in France. This figure is constantly increasing due to the longer life span. However, hearing disorders are not only affecting seniors and the elderly.

The ears of young people are also threatened by listening to amplified music (music players, concerts, discos …). Many of them are or will be affected by irreversible alterations of their auditory system (destroyed hair cells).

Another population concerned is people exposed to noise in their work, and unfortunately mostly unprotected, especially in sectors such as construction, industry or agriculture. This is why, for several years, National Audition Day wants to attract the attention of French and public authorities, through information and prevention campaigns, so that everyone finally takes into account his capital auditory.

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