Edelweiss: National Flower of Austria

The National Flower of Austria is Edelweiss. This flower expresses the deep love and devotion with which men harvest it on steep slopes and making almost deathlike ascents to prove their love and show their devotion. It refers to the Alpine terrain and the National Flower of Austria is Edelweiss of the Alps offer a pure flower that inspires a great sense of patriotism. The countries that are linked to the symbol of this flower include regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Its short life and its location away from the alpine pastures inspired folklore for the inhabitants of the Alps who made the Edelweiss a national emblem. It is the national flower in Switzerland.

Meaning of the National Flower of Austria

The Edelweiss is a flower that symbolizes notoriety in its complete essence. It is popular where it grows naturally and represents a symbol in its local area, because the Edelweiss is rare when it is sought in its natural setting. It is the symbol of adventure and great sacrifices.

Edelweiss: National Flower of Austria

Etymological meaning of Edelweiss

When talking about the etymology of the Edelweiss flower, one inevitably addresses the name and meaning of Leontopodium plenum which is characterized as a German mountain flower synonymous with mountains. The Edelweiss prefers sloping terrain on heights of 1500 to 3000 meters. It is part of the daisy and sunflower family with non-toxic properties. This flower presents a tomatoes, with a woolly aspect of white hairs, on its structures of leaves and flowers that creates this character hairy and silver to the flower. It can reach a height of 40 centimeters and develops its flower in the form of double star between the months of July and September. All this makes it a birth flower.

Meaning of the Edelweiss 

Although subtle in appearance, the color of the Edelweiss has a symbolic meaning as much as the whole flower itself. The German translation of the word “Edelweiss” literally means noble and white. It is actually a quick description in relation to its color. The sense of the nobility of the flower is the deepest in the symbolism of the Edelweiss. Dozens of people die every year in ascents and expeditions to pick this daisy variety. Its nobility can even lead up to 50 people each year to find death in relation to their dream of finding this wild flower.

Edelweiss: National Flower of Austria

National Flower of Austria Significance

The flower of snow is the name commonly used to evoke the flower of Edelweiss. His love for high altitudes exposes him to the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is a perennial plant that blooms in the limestone gorges for a period of 3 to 10 years.

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The flower of Edelweiss is used for many medical purposes. The flower is highly recognized for slowing down normal aging, relieving abdominal pain, aerophobia, amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, allergic reactions and alcoholism. It is the stomach pain that is most often treated with the flower of Edelweiss.

Interesting information about Edelweiss

  • Laws that prohibit the right to harvest this flower in most areas where it is found in the wild.
  • The plant is believed to have anti-aging properties.
  • The popular song, which you probably heard in “Sound of Music” is not a national air; it was specially written for the film.
  • To avoid disappearing, the Edelweiss has been planted in accessible areas, especially at lower altitudes.
  • The Edelweiss is a pledge of love, it is also the name of a beer manufacturer in Austria.

Edelweiss: National Flower of Austria

Special Occasions for Edelweiss Flowers

If the man is courageous and valiant, an Edelweiss could be the right flower to allow him to express his love. This flower can be an excellent symbol of love when the daring men take the ascendancy on the mountains and rise there despite the dangers of fall and bad weather.

The lucky woman may be the reason for such an opportunity will surely recognize the man who seeks to impress her. This flower could also relieve the body in case of diphtheria or tuberculosis.

When consumed as tea, it relieves and was once a bona fide gesture in healing when it was given to you while you were sick.

The message of Edelweiss flower:

The Edelweiss is a flower that has honorable qualities. To reach it, a lover must also have these qualities. His nobility is linked to his way of pushing: few can reach him.

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