National Flag of Mauritius and Flag History

National Flag of Mauritius

Mauritius National Flag

The national flag of Mauritius consists of 4 horizontal stripes of the same size. Its colors listed from top to bottom are as follows: red, blue, yellow and green.

National Flag of Mauritius

Mauritius Flag Meaning

The meaning of the colors of national flag of Mauritius are as follows: The Red color symbolizes the blood spilled and the struggle for freedom, the color Blue represents the Indian Ocean in which the island is located, yellow is represented by the golden sun and freedom, the Green color on the flag symbolizes the vegetation and agriculture of Mauritius.

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Mauritius Flag History

The national flag of Mauritius was adopted on March 12, 1968. The Portuguese established the island as a base in 1507. The Dutch arrived in 1598 and named it under their current name Mauritius in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau. France took control of the island in 1715, after the Dutch left the island, renaming it Île-de-France. The island remained under French control for the most part, until the British attacked the island in 1810, calling it Mauritius again.

Mauritius Flag Pictures

National Flag of Mauritius Pics  National Flag of Mauritius Pictures

Map of Mauritius

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