National Flag of Luxembourg and Flag History

National Flag of Luxembourg

Luxembourg National Flag

The first known national flag was by Luxembourg raised in 1123 by William. It was burelada, that is to say, striped horizontally, probably yellow and red.

Currently, the national flag of Luxembourg is composed of three stripes, red, white and sky, arranged horizontally. Although the flags of Luxembourg and the Netherlands are very similar, the distinguishing sign of the Dutch flag is the blue fringe overseas.

National Flag of Luxembourg

Luxembourg Flag Meaning

Meaning of the national flag of Luxembourg is peace of the people.

Luxembourg Flag History

Most of the modern tricolor flags are derived to a greater or lesser extent from the tricolor of the first French Republic. Even the ancient Dutch flag was not officially fixed in the colors red, white and blue until 1795, under French influence, by the Batavian Republic. It is therefore of little question whether the Luxembourgish colors are truly national or derived from the Dutch flag since 1815. On the other hand, it is probable that the Luxemburgers accepted the colors of the Dutch flag, because they were those of their coat of arms.

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The national flag of Luxembourg is also the coat of arms of the State, did not enjoy legal protection until 1972. The red color corresponds to the standard Pantone 032C; the blue to the standard Pantone 299C

The name of Luxembourg comes from the Saxon denomination of its capital city “Lucilimburhuc” that means “small fortress”.

Luxembourg Flag Pictures

National Flag of Luxembourg Pics  National Flag of Luxembourg Pictures

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