National Flag of Guyana and Flag History

Guyana National Flag

Like the flag of Trinidad and Tobago, the national flag of Guyana is very recent because it is a nation that became independent recently, this happened in 1966.

The national flag of Guyana was designed by an American scholar named Whitney Smith; who had deep knowledge about the symbolism of the flags. The patriotic emblem is designed as follows: the main color is green, followed by a small white strip in the shape of a triangle inverted towards the right side, then comes the yellow color also represented as a triangle, finally It observes the red color, with the same geometric form and in the interior of this a black triangular line can be seen.

National Flag of Guyana

Guyana Flag History

The first autonomous national flag of Guyana was elaborated together with the obtaining of the independence in the year of 1966. The first flag of Guyana dates from the year 1875. By this time this territory was known as British Guyana because it belonged to the English. The flag was as a symbol of the British Empire remained until the first months of 1966, then, once independence was achieved, they managed to remove this forever.

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Guyana Flag Meaning

  • Green: This color is related to all the forests in Guyana, this is very famous for its beautiful nature. It also symbolizes agriculture as this nation lives mainly from this means of production.
  • White: It symbolizes all the sea that is part of Guyana, the white color was chosen to represent the ocean because the waters of Guyana are very pure and translucent.
  • Yellow: Represents all the mineral riches found in the country.
  • Black: It is synonymous with resistance.
  • Red: Red symbolizes the clamor of the people of Guyana and at the same time embodies their industriousness.

Guyana Flag Pictures

Guyana Flag Pictures

Map of Guyana 

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