National Flag of Germany and Flag History

national Flag of Germany

The National Flag of Germany is in Black, red and gold, or yellow Colors. We can say that these are the three colors that collectively displayed the national flag of Germany, one of the symbols of the country. A flag that, like the history of the region it represents, has had so many ups and downs and changes over time.

Germany Flag History

national Flag of Germany

The colors of this national flag of Germany come from the military uniform of the troops that faced the hosts of Napoleon. The soldiers dressed in black, with gold buttons and red writings on their countrymen, when passing through a town, received them with black banners painted with red and yellow stripes in honor to them.

But it was not always like this. This national flag of Germany begins to be used in the middle of century XIX and establishes like official during the Republic of Weimar, the system of government in the country from the end of World War I until the arrival of Hitler. Earlier, the country’s flag was black, white and red, and then used the well-known red flag with the swastika until the end of Hitler, that flag is currently banned.

After World War II, the two Germanies adopted the black, red and gold. In order to differentiate the Federal Republic from the Democratic Republic, each of them wore the corresponding shield.

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Although less, the truth is that in Germany it does not take much to get the flag. That was so it was not even seen in many public and institutional buildings, and German laws had to force it to do so, at least on special dates such as Labor Day or German Unity Day.

Germany Flag Meaning

The story says that the black and gold flag of Germany were added because they represent the colors found in the coat of arms of the santo romano Empire semiofficial.

Other historians point out that the black color represents the Habsburg dynasty of Austria and the color gold monarchy. On the other hand, the red color symbolizes the Hanseatic League and both black and gold represent Austria.

There is also the theory that the colors black, red and gold are those that were in the uniforms of the volunteers of Lutzow. Another theory indicates that they are the colors of the coat of arms of the Sacrum Germanic Roman Empire.

The Germans say that the colors of their flag symbolize the republican democracy that was formed after World War II. The flag of Germany represents the unity and freedom of your nation.

Germany Flag Pictures

Germany Flag Pictures

Map of Germany

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