National Flag of Chad and Flag History

National Flag of Chad

National Flag of Chad

The national flag of Chad is anupright tricolor that resembles closely to the national flag of Romania. It has three stripes or bands of colors in it i.e. the blue color on the left, golden in the center and red on the right side. The only difference of the national flag of Chad with that of Romania is its dark blue coloring. There had been a controversy following the similarity between the national flag of Chad and Romania. After the removal of insignia in the middle of the national tricolor of Romania, it seemed similar to the Chad flag after 1989 flag change that caused quite a stir between two nations. The Republic of Chad also filed a case in the United Nations against the similarity between the two flags in 2004.

National Flag of Chad

Chad Flag History

The national flag of Chad had its color combination from the French flag and Pan-African colors. The colors taken from the flag of France are blue, white and red while the Pan-African colors of green, yellow, and red are adoptedfrom the national flag of Chad. The national flag of Chad was adopted and made official after an amendment in the law after the independence in 1960 and later after two years was permanently added as the official flag of the country. The exact date for adoption of the national flag of Chad is November 6, 1959.

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Chad Flag History Meaning

The national flag of Chad has three colors that are designed vertically, the red color represents the sacrifices and bloodshed in the struggle for Independence by the freedom fighters. The gold shows the sun and northern desert of Chad, it also indicates the agricultural growth of the country. The dark color shows the sky and hope for the people of Chad.

Chad Flag Pictures

Chad Flag Pictures

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