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National Donut Day June 01

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  And what do you do on the first Friday of June? You do not see ? Celebrate the national donut day!

National Donut Day June 01

National Donut Day June 01

Of course, this celebration happens to us right from the United States, of course it is not used for nothing, but it turns out that it has a history already long … we will tell you.

Already in 1938 with the Salvation Army

National donut day has been around since 1938. It was the Chicago Salvation Army that created this day to honor the women who donated to soldiers during the First World War. The tradition has continued over the years even though few people know the origin of National Donut Day .

Commercial recovery

Nowadays, it must be recognized that it is the brands and brands that have appropriated this holiday and diverted it to their commercial needs. Let us quote in bulk – non-exhaustive list – that “Nissan celebrates the national day of the donut” (Belgium, 2016), or Dunkin’s Donut.

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