How to Make Your Headband Wig Look Like a Natural Hair – 2024 Guide

It’s difficult not to notice how many women on Instagram and other social media have perfect hair. It’s even more difficult not to ask yourself how is this volume and perfection of the curls possible to have without visiting a hair salon every day… The secret is in wearing wigs and half wigs.

The speed of life today has had much influence in creating beauty hacks and shortcuts, as new trends in hairstyling and makeup. Both of these have never been more important in women’s routine, and this is visible by the time a woman spends doing her makeup and the availability of products that were formerly used only as stage hair and make-up.

Having a wig in former times was a matter of luxury because most of them were only available in specialized manufacturing shops. Thanks to the internet and mass production, everyone can own a wig or the desired extension just by clicking on the right website. There’s never been such a variety available like today, check here to see what we mean.

Today, everyone can have a flawless look in a matter of minutes. The simplicity of application and the variety that matches every hairstyle adds to it. Speaking of simplicity, headband wigs are growing increasingly popular because of it. With a couple of tricks, they will blend in perfectly, looking like your natural hair.

What’s a headband wig? The name should say it all, but we’ll explain as well. They are a type of half wigs because they do not cover the whole head. However, unlike regular half wigs, they come with a headband, to cover the beginning of the extension. So, a limited amount of hair is connected to a headband, which should add volume and shape to the hair surface, making it look neat like you’ve just combed. The hair looks natural but tends to “behave” unlike your natural hair, giving you a neat and simple look suitable for every occasion.

Since there are so many available on the market, here are a couple of tricks on how to make sure you pick the one that will make you look natural, while it blends in perfectly.

Choose the right type


If you want to make it look as natural as possible, then the first thing to pay attention to is the type of hair that was used to make it. Just as normal wigs, headbands also can be made of natural hair, or synthetic.
Natural hair is no doubt, always the best choice, since no one will be able to tell whether you’re using the extensions or not. The texture is more natural, and the hair simply has that natural shine.

While on the other hand, fake or synthetic hair can be too obvious. For the same reason, the texture and the shine. However, this should not influence you from giving up on synthetic hair as a choice at the start. As it happens to everything on the market, synthetic hair also suffered great improvement and can appear quite natural as well. It greatly depends on your hair, therefore try and see how it will look on you.

Match the color with your own

The second most important thing is to have a matching color. This is where most women make a mistake, especially when buying online. It’s not easy to recognize whether it will suit your hair color, just by watching photos on the screen. Do a little description reading and the experiences of other buyers (ratings). If you die your hair single color, it should not be a problem, but if you have a balayage or something similar, make sure you match the tones with the headband wig.

Even more important, if like to change your hair color often, then real hair wigs might be your choice since they can be dyed as well (just like normal wigs). This brings us to the next tip.

Change it often to avoid worn of look


Just as with any other extension, after some time, the headband wig will also be worn out with time. Regardless of what type of hair you chose, human or synthetic. Since it’s not “alive” anymore, human hair will lose its neat appearance, while synthetic one will get there even faster. Then it will look more plastic than natural, so make sure you change them from time to time.

Match the style or buy a variety of styles

Your headband wig will not look natural if you do not pay close attention to your hairstyle, this applies especially to curly hair (since curls can be very different in different people). Make sure, the style fits you as much as possible. Also, there’s no limitation on how much you should own. Therefore, if you have straight hair, but like to curl it from time to time, buy a couple of styles. Styles can also vary based on the occasion, in terms of the headband. Some can be discreet, some have a more elegant look or sporty, all of this is the reason why you should own a variety. To look your best in all situations.

Cut it to blend in


Sometimes, blending in will require some personal touch up. Like we mentioned in the beginning, the variety of styles and colors is vast, but there might be a situation when you find the perfect color, but the shape needs a touch-up because your hair is layered. There’s no reason whatsoever not to give your hairdresser a call and ask for help in cutting the headband wig just enough for it to blend in naturally.

The same thing is advised if you got a haircut, but won’t let go of your favorite one.

If you have been following the previous advice and have bought a variety, do the same to all of them.

Headband wigs are extremely handy and a lifesaving accessory for women that have no time to visit the hair salon, every couple of days. Once you try it on, you’ll always have it.

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