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International Kiss Day July 06

We are going to share today is what national day? International kiss day was born in the 90s, and if the kiss has its day just him, the 6th of July, we can say that he got it “on merit”.

Brand of tenderness, conjugal love (or other) or even adolescent rite, the kiss makes our muscles work, contributes to the strengthening of our immune defenses (see below) and provides many lessons on the state of partner.

International kiss day July 06

International kiss day July 06

In the history of our societies, kissing has not always had the meaning we know today. In antiquity, it was above all exchanged from man to man and constituted a kind of social recognition. What about the kiss of Judas?

In the Renaissance, the kiss became mixed and a mark of love between man and woman. Meaning that it has largely kept today by becoming the expression of intimacy, affection, love … and more if affinities!

From social rite, the kiss has thus entered the field of private life. Although … history is an eternal renewal and the kiss, mixed or not, is again in some circles (artists, people,) the mark of belonging to the same circle. Like what we do not invent much in our “modern” societies.

This historical evocation cannot be better concluded than by the poet who paid tribute to “lovers who burrow on public benches, public benches, public benches, with a good deal of the oblique gaze of passers-by honest”.

50 million bacteria exchanged

Theater of our oral exchanges, the kiss transmits many bacteria and is estimated at 50 million the amount exchanged in a “french kiss”. [Editor’s note: the counting methods are still pretty vague at the moment!]


Certainly, the spirit of competition is strongly anchored in our contemporaries and we regularly record contests of the longest kiss. Between July 6 and July 7, 2005, a record was set at 31 hours and 30 minutes. The story does not say whether it was necessary to revive the (happy) winners.

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