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International Hamburger Day October 13

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Was it really an international hamburger day? Only the aficionados of this sandwich are convinced … for the amateurs of culinary art, the opinions are more mixed.

International Hamburger Day October 13

International Hamburger Day October 13

Although he hails from the city of Hamburg in Germany (it is from the name of this city that it takes its name and especially not the word “ham” which means ham …), it has – in the XIX th century- crossed the Atlantic on a boat of immigrants and became gradually “the” North American flat. It is now consumed all over the world, the fault of the multinationals of the restoration which made it a universal standard.

The goal of the day

Objectively, it is not clear either what the international hamburger day serves or whether it has a cause to defend. Some facetious want everyone to consume at least 1 hamburger on that day . Decidedly, “junk food” seals us on all sides!

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