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International Geographic Information Systems November 18

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Very unknown in Europe, this international day is of American origin and dates from the year 1999. International Geographic Information Systems was even supported at its creation by the famous lawyer Ralph Nader.

International Geographic Information Systems November 18

International Geographic Information Systems November 18

Its purpose is to promote the use of GIS and to demonstrate that geographic data have a definite impact on the world around us. An explanation is necessary.

Geographic information systems

For the neophyte, geography evokes at best only a few maps caught during the course of history-geo. However, the data collected by geographers are taken into account in numerous analyzes and in many fields: climatology, geo-politics, economics, human sciences, weather of course and – at a time when the notion of warming Climate evokes concrete facts for everyone – we will remember with interest the geographers launching warnings that announced this disruption several decades ago.

A day to raise awareness

This day aims to raise awareness among the general public and numerous events are organized. Quite a bit in France at the moment, but who knows, it will come!

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