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International Day without regime May 06

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  International Day without regime of Anglo-Saxon origin dates from 1992. It was initiated by a dietetician, Mary Evens Young, a former anorexic, after watching a program on obesity surgery.

International Day without regime May 06

International Day without regime May 06

She has worked to publicize this “No Diet Day” which is now celebrated in a large number of countries, including France, since 2003. The sign of recognition is a crossed blue ribbon. A diversion of blue cord?

Say no to dangerous diets

The purpose of this day without diet is to say that you can eat without having to feel guilty, by making fun, without being a slave to the dictatorship of thinness that still reigns in mistress!

Many diets today can be described as dangerous and charlatans in this area are legion. The advice given by specialists will certainly not succumb to the sirens of the first comer and entrust his health to the only person who is able to appreciate a situation as a whole, his doctor!

Prevent discrimination

Discrimination suffered by fat (s) are also question and we can say that mentalities have changed when the eyes of others has changed.

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