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International Day of Radiology November 8

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Since 2012, radiologists are celebrating the International Day of Radiology which, in itself, comes from certain logic.The initial idea of ​​the profession was to better demonstrate the role of medical imaging in modern medicine.

International Day of Radiology November 8

International Day of Radiology November 8

The inventor knew a ray

The choice of the date of 8 November is not a coincidence, since it was on November 8, 1895, that Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered the existence of X-rays. This discovery, essential, earned him the recognition of the scientific community and the Nobel Prize of physics in 1901.

The first X-ray photographs were made of the physicist’s relatives who allowed the development of science to be carried out by their defending bodies. The illustration of this article is a “Roentgenogram” of the hand of Albert von Kolliker realized the 23 of January of 1896.


This day deserves its name as it is carried by the European Society of Radiology, the North American Radiology Society and the American College of Radiology and the European Federation of Radio Handling Companies.

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