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International Cat Day August 08

We are going to share today is what national day?  Should he wait for the meow to celebrate the International Cat Day? Certainly not, certainly have said its promoters by picking the date of August 8. This unfortunate joke being done, let’s focus on the subject and examine it with a Persian look (decidedly!).

International Cat Day August 08

International Cat Day August 08

In fact, nobody knows why we are celebrating a cat day and it seems that we have to go to the side of the internet to find a semblance of justification. There is indeed an impressive anthology of animal videos supposed to make us (at least) smile. That said, the idea is not quite new because, since the 19th century, the photographer Harry Pointer (not the wizard!) Had already made a gallery of photographs featuring cats. It only remained to invent the web, but this is another story.

The Lolcats, an internet phenomenon

This international day of August 8 is therefore the highlight of the Lolcats who have largely invaded the canvas with videos or animations (the famous cat-nimes gif). You can find an interesting selection in the site Atlantico.fr , but many other sites contain others, just as funny.

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