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15 Interesting facts about Pakistan

15 Interesting facts about Pakistan

Will today tell you some interesting facts about Pakistan. Pakistan is a spectacularly beautiful country located in South Asia, which separated from the United Kingdom in 1947, and which is surrounded by India, Iran, Afghanistan and China. This country emerged when India became independent of the British Empire, and as a need to give a country to the large number of Muslims who lived there. Of course, with bloody wars. It became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956.

But also, both countries (India and Pakistan) have had terrible conflicts for the Kashmir region , because the Pakistanis claim as their own territory, and the Indians as well. The borders were drawn in London, arbitrarily, which generated serious problems to this day.

Interesting facts about Pakistan

    • Its name is an acronym of the initials of the regions that comprise it: P of Punjab, A of Afghani, K of Kashmir, S of Sindh, accompanied by the suffix istan , which means country. In addition, in Urdu and Persian, it means “land of purity”.
    • To the north and west of the country there is a mountainous region where the second highest summit in the world is located, the K2 (Mount Godwin-Austen), with 8,611 meters of height.
    • It is the sixth most populous country in the world, whose population exceeds 180 million people.
    • It is the second country with the largest Muslim population, after Indonesia. Muslims represent 96%, and there are only 1.6% of Christians.
    • Until now, Pakistan is the only country with a Muslim majority that has nuclear weapons, and it has the seventh largest army.
    • It is a very dangerous country for women, because the laws are very strict towards them, and 90% are victims of gender and domestic violence; Pakistan accepts the law of honor killing, so it is legal for a man to kill women if they are considered to have dishonored the culture.
    • Another thing about Pakistan that you may not know is that in this country being a homosexual is enough reason to be sentenced to life imprisonment.
    • Approximately one third of the total population does not exceed 15 years , and about one fifth live below the poverty line, only above Afghanistan, Yemen and Burma.

  • Only 46% of Pakistanis know how to read and write; The Taliban closed private schools and banned the education of girls between 2003 and 2009.
  • Malala is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize . Malala Yousafzai , a very young activist, was the victim of an attack by a militant from the Taliban Pakistan, at age 15. He survived and continued his fight for civil rights, especially the rights of women and girls to receive education.
  • Pakistan’s most populous city, Karachi, is also one of the most overpopulated cities in the world.
  • Its demographic growth is explosive and high, although it has experienced a tendency to decrease, in comparison with the year 2000. In any case, it is certain that while you read this article, more than ten Pakistani babies have already been born.
  • The Thar desert is one of the largest in the world, and is between Pakistan and India.
  • The Indus River, which runs through this beautiful and troubled country, is one of the longest on the planet, 2,880 km.
  • And finally, do you know what is Pakistan’s favorite sport? Due to English influence, it is cricket. Did you imagine it?

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