10 Interesting facts about Bahamas

10 Interesting facts about Bahamas

The Bahamas, known as a natural paradise for its landscapes, numerous islands and variety of flora and fauna, will host a new Caricom summit between February 26 and 27. now you can have a lok at 10 interesting facts about Bahamas.

Interesting facts about Bahamas

  • In the Bahamas there is an island called Big Major Cay where there are about 20 swimming pigs that live there and serve as a great tourist attraction. They are playful pigs and visitors use them to record videos and pose in photographs. The tourists reward them with food. Historians say that there was a shipwreck near the coast of the uninhabited islet and the pigs swam to save their lives to that land. Other versions indicate that some sailors took them there and left them to go and eat them, but they never returned.
  • Between the 15th and 18th century, the Bahamas served as a hiding place and nest for pirates and buccaneers, for forming an authentic insular labyrinth. The pirates lit false headlights to make the ships run aground and thus assault them. On this island operated the well-known pirate Blackbeard, of English origin. He had his headquarters in Nassau, the capital.
  • It is the favorite state for many billionaires to invest. Famous people like Johnny Depp, David Copperfield, Eddie Murphy and even Shakira have bought islands, beaches, private ports and beaches. Many of them have decided to invest in tourism, while others have done just for vacation.
  • Of the 700 islands that make up the archipelago of the Bahamas, only 24 are inhabited and its population reaches approximately a little over 300 thousand people.
  • The conch or snail of the Bahamas is known as the standard of Bahamian cuisine. It is a mollusk of white and firm flesh. It can be eaten raw, but also fried (cracked conch). It is very common to order conch burgers.
  • Athletics, football and basketball are the most popular sports. The favorite team of most Bahamians is Miami Dolphins.
  • It is usually a dangerous area due to hurricanes that pass through the islands. In the last two decades, a series of hurricanes have affected the islands, such as Hurricane Andrew (1992), Floyd (1994), and French (2004), among others.

  • The main library of the capital, known as Nassau Public Library, was an octagonal building that functioned as a prison in previous centuries. It was transformed and now serves as an exhibition of large leftovers and has more than 28 thousand books.
  • Among its musical traditions is the Junkanoo dance, a carnival parade that is done to the rhythm of drums, bells and whistles. Also the calypso and the rake or scraping, are part of the known musical rhythms of this nation.
  • The officially called Commonwealth of the Bahamas is also known as a tax haven in the laws of some countries; however, according to the criteria of the G-20 and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it is no longer. Since the year 2000, legislative measures were applied to improve financial supervision and the Government adopted regulations on tax matters.

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