How Environmentally Friendly are Chevrolet Cars?

Chevrolet is a renowned company. They’re known for their best-featured cars and technologies. Keeping all the environmental concerns in mind, Chevrolet has come up with some innovative technological advancements. With the most powerful engines, Chevrolet is also striving for eco-friendly cars. Electric cars, fuel-efficient cars, and hybrid cars, Chevrolet have been leading the path to eco-friendliness.

Chevrolet automakers have released a variety of eco-friendly vehicles, which also include trucks and electric cars. Visit to know more about eco-friendly cars from Chevrolet. Let’s look at some top eco-friendly car models from Chevrolet.

2024 Chevy Bolt EV


The 2024 Chevy Bolt EV is the most affordable electric car from Chevrolet. It offers a driving range of EPA 259 Miles on one full charge. Its smooth ride and spacious cabins make this car so appealing. The company has made several upgrades to this car, one of which is its fast battery pickup. The advanced features of this five-seater car make your daily drives so amusing without worrying about harming the environment.

  • 2024 Chevy Bolt EV has an amazing feature of automatic braking, which is an active safety item; we strongly recommend it.
  • This car also has a 10.2-inch touchscreen display which can be easily connected with iPhones, Android and Carplay.
  • 360 degree camera-based rearview and HD surround-view camera system are two other amazing features that make your eco-friendly car more luxurious.
  • The company also offers blind-spot monitors and rear parking sensors.

Chevrolet Volt


This eco-friendly car from Chevrolet has some incredibly amazing features. This car delivers an EPA of 43 highway mpg*. The best part about this car is it’s battery can be charged in just five hours. This car is designed with amazing features to aid those looking for a luxurious eco-friendly car.

Chevrolet Bolt 2017


This is an award-winning car. Yes, this car was named the 2017 Most Green Car of The Year. Chevrolet Bolt offers an estimated EPA of 238 miles on one single charge. Its efficient powertrain gives drivers more than fuel economy, and it is powerful too.

2024 Chevy Bolt EUV


2024 Chevy Bolt EUV offers an amazing roomy interior with a sleek body design. This car delivers an incredible 250 plus miles range. Charging is also easy, and the company even offers a home charging installation for this car.

  • Five-seater car with ventilated seats with around 40 inches legroom.
  • Another amazing thing about this car is its panoramic sunroof view which gives a thrilling experience to your rides.
  • To boost your excitement on the rides, Chevy Bolt EUV has sports mode too. So just with a push of a button, you can open a whole new riding experience.
  • A rear camera view is available, too, to give you that obstacle-free ride.

Talking about environmentally friendly, both Bolt and Volt are perfect. Both of them offer some amazing features, along with the fact that they’re not releasing any toxic pollutants in the environment as they run on a battery, so no fuel is burnt. When fuel is not burnt, none of the harmful carbon monoxide is released, which is emitted by normal cars due to burnt fuel. No hydrocarbons, no nitrogen oxides, nothing is released. Both cars do not have any adverse effects on the health of humans.

Not only are these cars environmentally friendly, but they’re pocket-friendly too. Yes, electric vehicles are much cheaper than the ones with big engines. And Chevrolet offers incredibly amazing features in its green cars. So why would anyone not like to buy any of these? But which car is better? Bolt or Volt?

Which car is the best?



1. Electric system :

The major difference in their electric system is that Chevy volt is a plug-in hybrid that means a special gas generator is used to support power and recharge its electric motor. In case you run out of battery, you can still drive the car up to 420 miles.

While Chevy bolt is a purely electric vehicle. Which simply means no emissions, no gas, and no oil changes. This environment car is the first purely electric car. So if we consider the electric system, Bolt is a better option.

2. Comfort:

Both the cars offer super comfortable rides with amazing technologies, like greater legroom, ventilated seats, and whatnot. But if we compare both of them, Chevy volt offers more features and more comfort. Like the sports mode and panoramic sunroof, you will not get such features in Bolt. Maybe in the future, they upgrade Bolt’s features.

3. Size and storage:

Both elegant and sleek cars offer you enough spacious interior. But in comparison, Chevy volt offers huge practical space, which is a maximum of massive 57 cubic feet of rear storage. Isn’t that huge?

4. Performance:

Chevy volt can be easily charged within 4 to 5 hours if you have a 240-volt charger installed in your home by profession.

Chevy volt gives you an EPA of 249 miles, while Bolt only delivers an EPA of 238 miles. Not a big difference, but if we consider the charging time, Chevy volt is much better.

5. Safety:

When comfort and performance are important, the security and safety of cars are equally important. Both these cars have advanced security features like ultra-strong frames and robust safety features. And both cars won the Top Safety Pick awards in 2018.

So we’ve compared the features of both cars. And both of them are almost loaded with similar features. But if we need to differentiate on the basis – which one is more eco-friendly? Then we will go with the Chevy Bolt because it’s a pure electric car with all the advanced features.

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