Grand Dunman Singapore | A Promising Real Estate Investment

Real estate investing can be lucrative particularly when you select an appropriate property that is located that is located in a desirable area. Grand Dunman Singapore, is a highly sought-after condominium that stands out as an attractive real estate investment option. With its vast land size as well as a range of units, numerous amenities, affordable prices, and high interest, Grand Dunman Singapore offers the perfect opportunity for those who are looking to earn long-term value as well as attractive yields.

Variety of living experiences at Grand Dunman Singapore

Size: Spacious Living Spaces

Grand Dunman Singapore boasts a vast land size that is 25,234.3 acres. This vast space permits the addition of a broad array of facilities and amenities that make it a sought-after area to live in. This development gives residents an atmosphere of transparency as well as a relaxing living space and further increases its attractiveness as an investment in real estate.

Unit Types: There’s Something for All


One of the advantages of Grand Dunman Singapore lies in the variety of units available. No matter if you’re a person, a couple, or have a whole family, this development offers many possibilities to suit your requirements. From one to five-bedroom apartments, which include double key units, residents will find the ideal design and layout to meet their preferences in terms of lifestyle and needs. This flexibility increases the number of potential tenants and also ensures steady rentals, which improves your investment opportunities.

Facilities: Numerous Facilities for enriching your life

Grand Dunman Singapore offers an amazing array of facilities that allow residents to enjoy a full and enjoyable lifestyle. This development has two pools and two clubhouses. There is also a playground with a BBQ space, a running track and a treetop stroll, and a pet park as well as a 24-hour security surveillance system. These facilities cater to the varied interests and requirements of the residents, creating an atmosphere of belonging and providing a superior standard of living. These facilities are comprehensive and not just improve the experience of residents and provide value to the property, which makes it a desirable proposition for potential buyers as well as tenants.

Competitive Pricing: An Attractive Placement Entry Point


The expected launch price to launch Grand Dunman Singapore ranges between S$1,640 to S$2,714 for each square foot. This price is competitive and positions it well on the market for condominiums due to its area. Due to its appealing facilities and location, Grand Dunman Singapore offers an excellent investment point of entry that maximizes the possibility of the long-term appreciation of capital.

Strong Demand: A Resilient Market Prospect

The need for condominiums in Singapore continues to grow This trend is likely to grow over the next few years. Grand Dunman Singapore is poised to take advantage of this growing market, which could result in a higher resale value in the coming years. Aspects like its strategic site, attractive amenities as well as spacious living spaces add to its popularity among tenants and buyers and create a conducive setting for the expansion of investment.

Benefits of renting from Grand Dunman Singapore:


Prime location

Grand Dunman Singapore is located in District 15, which is the most popular area of Singapore. The area is near amenities like shops, schools as well as public transport.


Grand Dunman Singapore is well-connected with Singapore’s other parts of Singapore. The location is just a few minutes away from Dakota MRT Station, which allows access directly to Singapore’s Circle Line. It’s also located near the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) making it simple to travel to the other areas of the city.

Modern conveniences

Grand Dunman Singapore has a large variety of amenities that include two pools, two clubhouses an outdoor playground with a grill space, a running track, a treetop stroll as well as a pet-friendly park, and an all-hours security.

A variety of units


Grand Dunman Singapore has a range of units that are available from one to five bedrooms, which includes double key units with dual keys. It means there are plenty of options for anyone, regardless if you’re a single individual as well as a couple, or have a whole family.

Premium finishes

Grand Dunman Singapore is built according to the highest standards and features high-end finishes all over. It means that you’ll be able to rest assured that the unit you rent is well maintained and maintained to a high standard.

Developer track record

Grand Dunman Singapore is developed by SingHaiyi Group, a reputable developer that has a proven history of producing high-quality projects. So, you are assured that the rental property you rent is well-managed, and your interests are protected.

Possibility of capital appreciation

Grand Dunman Singapore is located in an ideal location and has a good connection. That means that there’s an excellent chance that the worth of your rental will increase over the course of the course.



Tenants are able to be able to move out of the apartment at any point and not have to think about the possibility of selling their property. This could be an excellent benefit should you require relocation for work reasons or for other reasons.

Tax benefits

There are many tax advantages available to landlords within Singapore. It can reduce the expense of renting a property.

Income passive

The rental income will give you a regular source of income that is passive. It can be an excellent method to increase your regular income, or even to fund your retirement.


Grand Dunman Singapore presents a strong argument as a potential real property investment. The vast land size as well as the variety of units with numerous amenities, attractive pricing, and high demand make it attractive as a potential investment for the long term. If you’re a veteran investor or are a newcomer to the market, Grand Dunman Singapore offers conveniently located, well-designed, and beautifully appointed condominiums which have a promising future to increase capital and yield a high return. Look at the estimates for various unit types, and think about the possibilities for investing at Grand Dunman Singapore for a profitable real estate investment.

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