Feng Shui For the Bedroom

If you’re like most people, your relationship with your spouse or significant other has at some time seemed a touch stale or lacking in the romantic arena. However, do not despair; feng shui could assist in reviving your love life. Love and relationship corners may be found in every room, but the bedroom is the fastest and simplest area to start improving your relationship. To help you ignite love, here are five romantic Feng shui recommendations.

When did Feng shui first appear on the scene? Originally from ancient China, the history and philosophy of feng shui may be traced back more than 5,000 years. Through the use of energy forces, feng shui aims to bring a person into balance with the energies around them. The bedroom’s ambience should be appealing, interesting, and soothing all at the same time. Whether you’re in the room for an afternoon nap, a nice night’s sleep, or a round of passionate lovemaking, you should get the sensation that it’s a joyful and enjoyable place to be.

Sides of a Mattress


In your mind, sleeping on a certain side of the bed doesn’t matter in terms of your relationship’s passion. Consider again! To begin, how do you determine which side is left or right? Let us assume for the sake of this blog post that you are laying in bed and that the decision has been made.

It is essential that the male sleeps on the left side of the bed while the female sleeps on the right. The direction of your family and marriage is determined by your Kua number, thus you should sleep with your head towards that direction. Finally, make sure there is enough space on both sides of the bed so that you and your partner don’t both have to get into bed on the same side.

Feng shui is most effective if the space is kept clean at all times. By using a high-quality dust mop, you can ensure that your favorite romantic location is clear of bothersome dust and dirt particles.

Pink is the color of choice for attracting a partner according to Feng Shui

It’s common for people to assume that red is the best color since it’s often associated with love. Incorrect! In fact, some individuals believe that the color red will bring a relationship to an end! Opt for hues of pink instead, which is associated with love and passion in Feng shui. Make sure your bed-sheets are pink as well when you make the switch! Why? Pink bed linens stimulate what is referred to be subtle yang energy. When this energy is increased, sentiments of love and romance are enhanced.

Lover’s Lighting

Dim lighting creates an environment conducive to romance. You may buy a dimmer switch to control the brightness/dimness of your bedroom lights conveniently. Use pastel or soft colored lampshades if you have lights on your bedside tables (which you should.)

Photographic Frame


It may sound extremely simplistic or even ridiculous, but you must frame and display your love in your bedroom! Ideally, you should select a romantic image or one that brings back fond memories of a joyful moment in your relationship. Simply gazing at that photograph can increase your love feelings, as it will stimulate recollections of that memorable occasion (when the picture was taken.)

Union & Marriage Hangers

It can’t hurt to have a little extra amorous energy. The rear right corner of your bedroom can be decorated with a marriage and union hanger. The hanger is a representation of two individuals becoming partners. Additionally, it provides good fortune to partnerships and marriages.

These are just a few of the many strategies you may utilize to enhance your romantic life with your spouse or significant other by using Feng shui for partner attraction.

Bedroom Feng Shui Principles

In terms of Feng Shui bedrooms, you should organize your sleeping area in a way that encourages you to have a good night’s sleep. Let’s review some of the most critical feng shui bedroom concepts.

Maintaining Fresh Air


If you are unable to keep your windows open all day (or live in a location where opening them might expose you to pollution), consider investing in an air purifier. Fresh air is critical for positive Feng Shui energy.

If you have a tiny bedroom, you should avoid putting any kind of flowers or plants in there. If you decide to make use of them, keep them as far away from your bed as you reasonably can.

Keep out electronic devices or exercise equipment

You’ve undoubtedly had a television, computer, or piece of workout equipment in your bedroom at some point (maybe even right now.) This indicates that you are aware of how distracting these gadgets may be. The temptation to check your email or catch up on the newest episode of Desperate Housewives is super strong.

Because computers are generally connected with work and your bed is associated with relaxation, the reasoning for not having a computer in the bedroom is logical. Because work and relaxation are diametrically opposed to one another, the energy of these two activities is incompatible when it comes to Feng Shui. Having these distractions in your room is the fastest method to deplete Feng Shui energy in your space. Move them out of your room immediately!



The illumination in your bedroom might have an effect on your mood (either favorably or adversely.) The best alternative is to use candles, but be certain they are toxin-free.

Your Bed’s Position

Make sure you have access to both sides of your bed while getting in and out of your bed. The bed should have a nightstand on either side of it. Make sure your nightstand isn’t blocking the entryway of your bedroom.

Mirror Placement

If you’re going to have mirrors in your bedroom, avoid placing them near the bed, where your face and upper body will be seen in the reflection.

Avoid Clutter

As distracting as having a television, computer, or gym equipment in your bedroom is, so is clutter. Maintain order, cleanliness, and organization in your room. It’s critical to sweep away anything that has accumulated beneath your bed or behind a door, since these spaces may become stagnant and store bad energy.

Keep All Bedroom Doors Closed at Night

Always make sure that all of the doors in your bedroom are closed before going to sleep. Closet doors, bathroom doors, and your bedroom door are all included in this list.

Maintaining a Clean Bedroom


Cleanliness is a fundamental concept of Feng Shui bedrooms. If a bedroom is left ignored for an extended period of time, dust will inevitably build up. Your bedroom’s floors, walls, and ceiling can be cleaned using an electromagnetically-charged high-quality dust mop (learn more here) After dusting the area to be cleaned with the mop, just walk outside and shake off the dust.

Have you been on the lookout for the ideal cleaner for your silky bed sheets? The most persistent stain will be easily removed using a high-performance neutral pH sensitive fabric cleaner.

Enjoy your Romantic Feng Shui Bedroom!

What one individual envisions for their ideal Feng Shui bedroom does not guarantee that another will picture the same thing. However, each Feng Shui bedroom should have one thing in common: it should exude a welcoming, stimulating, and peaceful ambiance. Find the latest, creative bedroom interior design ideas at AC Vision, where you can view much more portfolio and adopt some of the style for your very own home.

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