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Day of Philosophy at UNESCO November 17

We are going to share today is what national day ? Day of Philosophy at UNESCO highlights the role that philosophy plays in our daily lives. It makes it possible to have a reflection with a large public. And especially in countries where philosophy is not tackled in higher education.

Day of Philosophy at UNESCO November 17

Day of Philosophy at UNESCO November 17

A reflection, a world

Nearly 70 countries are participating in the event, as well as a hundred philosophers and personalities with different backgrounds, languages ​​and cultures. A wide variety of themes and activities are discussed (round tables, conferences, philosophical cafes, artistic events and book exhibitions).


Through philosophy, we have a critical mind about our society and we wonder about the problems facing the world. We fight against all sorts of racism, intolerance, fundamentalism … It gives us the tools we need to develop independent thinking.

Day with variable date

This day is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of November … like the Beaujolais Noumea. From there to imagine a relation of cause and effect, there is only one step that we will not cross … this is our philosophy!

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