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Ever been to a dirty office? Then you know how terrible the feeling can be. There are so many reasons as to why your office should be clean. Not only is a clean office appealing but there’s an impression that it will give to your customers and visitors.

Cleanliness also makes the place so conducive for working and thus improving the employee’s productivity. The cleaning time is also reduced because so much clutter and dirt have been removed, and therefore not much attention is required.

Following are the steps to ensuring a clean office

Step 1: Organizing loose papers

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When you’ve got loose papers scattered all over, it becomes too difficult for you to clean the surfaces. The place looks messy and even when you want to retrieve some documents. It becomes complicated.

Those invoices, products, specs, customer profiles, and receipts lying on the tables and the floor should be organized by putting them in separate filing cabinets. Then label the files accordingly.

If you’ve some documents that will be referenced, then those should be kept on desktop trays and other pockets. That works well for things like bills to be paid, open client files, etc.

Documents that can be stored electronically should be scanned and stored as such. That reduces clutter and makes it easy to organize information.

Step 2: Disinfecting the restrooms

This is not only necessary when cleaning offices, but it is also suitable for the safety of your employees and the customers. These are high-traffic areas and must be cleaned frequently, which can be daily or even twice depending on how busy the place is.

Scrub the toilet bowls using a disinfecting cleaner, wipe the seat and the outside circumference of the bowl, and the areas around the bowl. Then use a deodorant to spray around to ensure freshness.

Step 3: Keep your electronics dust-free by covering them

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Blast the dust out of the tight spaces using a duster. Then the keyboard keys and electronics should be wiped using a soft rag moistened with some disinfectant spray.

Step 4: Cleaning the break room

Food and drinks are stored in the break room, and therefore cleanliness in this room is a priority for the sake of your employees’ health and safety.

Keep the refrigerator clean and organized by throwing old food and drinks that have overstayed, and wipe the interior with a soft rag that is moistened by a disinfectant.

Spray the sinks, cables, countertops, and shelves with disinfectant. Part of your cleaning should be dusting and cleaning the microwave.

Step 5: Empty wastebaskets

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The garbage in the office spaces, break room, conference room, name them should be emptied daily. That ensures you can avoid foul odors and spills that could emanate from the garbage in the baskets.

Step 6: The public area should be presentable

If you welcome visitors and clients to your office, you must ensure your office is always clean, giving them an impression of how serious you are. Thus you’ve to put a lot of effort into ensuring that the place looks clean and charming.

Step 7: The seats must be wiped clean

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The brochures, magazines, books, and pamphlets should be displayed decently. Those ripped, dry, and old reading materials should be thrown away.

Dust the shelves, furniture, plants, knickknacks, blinds, wall hangings, and window treatments. Vacuum and mop the floor where applicable.

Step 8: Keep clutter off the working spaces.

Use organizes like paper trays, pencil holders, standing file holders, and baskets to create space for everything. Wipe the desks and tables of food crumbs and smudges.

What are some of the office cleaning mistakes, and how do you avoid them?

  • Not cleaning enough

When you’ve too much time between cleaning, different surfaces in your office will collect a lot of dust and dirt. Then if you’ve allocated less time and no expertise, it will show. Think of the perception that your clients and employees have when they enter the office. You should have in place a cleaning schedule where the professional cleaning company comes to do their work. It should be clear what chores they do on which day.

  • Carpet scrubbing

The solution to spilled drinks on your carpet is not scrubbing. That could be doing more damage to your carpet than cleaning it.

Cleaning the carpet should be done using some soft rag or brush. You could even blot the stain and then spray carpet cleaner.

  • An always full trash bin

If you stay for long without emptying your trash bin, it begins to stink and even overflow. That makes the cleaner’s work even more difficult. Save yourself and save the foul smell by emptying the trash bins daily and using a new bag after disposing of the old one. That way, you have a clean office.

  • Not going green

There’s a misconception that chemical cleaners are the best when cleaning your office. You very well know some of the harmful effects of chemicals on your loved ones and the environment. Therefore, one of your primary objectives should be to ensure you use green solutions to clean the office. It should be clear to the cleaning company from the onset that they must use eco-friendly supplies.

Avoid the toxic chemicals, and you’ll be happy you did so.

  • Forgetting to vacuum clean

This is an important aspect when it comes to cleaning. Vacuuming ensures you pick up all the dust from the floor, which helps keep the place clean. When you don’t vacuum, it also shows. There’s a build-up of dust, hair, and some other not-so-pleasant stuff.

  • Focusing on the visible areas

Don’t engage in “child’s play.” This is where you clean only the visible areas in your office and push dirt and dust to the dark corners that remain unattended. This is one common mistake that happens in offices without a professional cleaning company.

Using non-cleaning professionals like your employees is the number one reason you’ve such shoddy work done. For this reason, it’s always best to turn to a cleaning company like Luce Office for cleaning offices. Visit here for an actual rundown of how they clean every type of workspace.

To be on the safe side and expect some excellent cleaning work, get an office cleaning company that has experienced professionals to do the work of cleaning your office. That way, you know you’re giving the job to someone you can trust. In case you’re dissatisfied, you can hold the company responsible. Using your employees to do the cleaning will only add more problems than solutions.

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