Top 10 Advice to Choose the Right Place to Live

Finding a place to live is not an easy thing, much less in the city, because between the chaos, the distances from home to work and finding supermarkets near where we live, the whole panorama is complicated.

It will always be convenient to listen to some tips and advice to help you choose the right place to live. Therefore, we leave you this list of tips to help face the accommodation rental or purchase process:

1. To start the process you need to define what your needs are. The points to determine are:

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– If you are looking for an apartment to live alone or maybe you need the company of a roommate with whom you can share the expenses.

– If you need it furnished or you already have some things.

– If you require a parking space for you and your visitors.

– If you are looking for a ground floor or you are willing to carry all your supermarket products and the jug of water up to a fifth floor.

– If you necessarily need to be close to your work to be able to spend more time there or on the contrary, you have the opportunity to take advantage of your time on other activities.

2. Once you have defined your priorities, it is time to start the search:

Today there are many platforms that make the process a little easier. Take the time to research the pros and cons of each of the options that suit your needs and budget.

You can check out the addresses on Nuwber and see a bit of the place’s ownership history. The advantage of searching the internet is that you can see the images of the place, het a better idea of the conditions of the property and even imagine how you could adapt it to your tastes.

3. Check the information on each of the options that interest you:

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Look for them on an online map and locate the nearby underground stations, bus stations and even bicycle stations if there are any. Also identify the services offered by the place such as banks, schools, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

Physically visit the area and if possible, ask the neighbors for references about the property, the area, and if there is not some type of discontent with both the owner, administrator and even the builder if it is a new building.

Make several visits to the area at different times, this will give you a better idea of the traffic you will be facing on a daily basis, how crowded the place is and its general atmosphere.

4. During your physical visits, check the electric power, water and gas installations:

Check that the contacts are not damaged and there are no leaks. If there is any damage, confirm with the tenant if the repair costs would be borne by you or handled on a rental basis.

Clarify all your doubts so that you do not get unpleasant surprises, especially payments such as gas, electricity, water, surveillance and maintenance fees, the latter expense can affect the allocated budget. See if any repairs need to be done and determine how much they would cost.

5. Analyze the age of the construction:

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It will depend on the area if the majority of the market is focused on completely new homes or previously used spaces, which may require a renovation to suit your needs and tastes before you move. So, if it’s an older house or apartment near Memphis, consider checking to see if the building was previously remodeled or maintained. Everything needs to be in proper condition. You don’t want to live in a place where everything breaks all the time.

6. Quality of services:

Investigate carefully that all regular services are installed and working properly, and check that payments for these are up to date. Also, check that essential furniture is of adequate quality. To help you not forget any aspect, we share some of these services and finishes that you may need to examine:

– Electrical installation – light

– Telephone

– Gas

– Water and heater

– Heating


– Internet connection

– Kitchen furniture

– Toilets

– Sink

– Shower

– Taps

– Interior carpentry (doors)

– Exterior carpentry (windows)

7. Consider the neighbors:

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Depending on the type of home, check if there is any neighborhood organization around the area or building. Find out if there is a committee that meets on maintenance, security or administration issues.

8. The importance of orientation:

The orientation of the house will be directly related to the brightness and energy consumption, so it is important to take it into account when analyzing your options and making a decision. The season of the year and the orientation are what will define how much natural light enters the home and therefore, its air and light conditioning.

9. Take into account thermal and acoustic insulation:

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Both aspects can influence the comfort inside the house. A correct thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved in terms of good construction and the use of suitable materials.

Good thermal insulation is related to energy consumption, which can reduce expenses, such as heating. On the other hand, for acoustic insulation, the external noise of the area must be considered, either due to traffic or perhaps noise from neighbors.

10. To close the deal, all requirements must be covered:

If you have liked the property, it is now time to close the deal but make sure to cover important points that include deposit, guarantee, and in some cases, a type of insurance. With everything in order, you can proceed to sign a lease, which stipulates the monthly amount of the rent, the date on which the payment is due and the term, as well as what will happen if one of the parties breaks the contract.

The document should contain other information such as who will pay the utilities, whether pets are allowed in the property, and other restrictions and requirements the landlord might include.

With these tips and advice, it will be easier to find the ideal place for you. Do not despair, start your search and you will surely find some options that best suit your needs and even payment capabilities or you can explore more about these apartments.

Some of these tips may seem obvious, but they will be important to consider when making a decision like this. Remember to assess your priorities and needs to choose the best option and, above all, ask yourself if you imagine living in this new place.

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