Best Spot for Your Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the workforce to relocate into their homes. If you are one of those or are resigned to the idea of a work-from-home set-up for life, it is about time to think about building your home office, creating a conducive spot where you can grow your career without stepping out of your comfort zone.

But do not be confined to picking any random space at home and have a desk dedicated to your office tasks. You can do more than that, especially if your property permits. Having a separate structure allows you to migrate into a productive mindset, so you can do more and perform better. However, it also sets you off to a work mode, which is challenging to get into when there is no clear line between your home and workspace, family and career. So, which is the best spot for your home office? Let us count some options.

An extra room


One of the best ways to build a dedicated office in the comfort of home is using an extra room in the house. By doing so, you will not have to spend a lot because the structure is already up. The only things you need to pay for are those items that will make it look and feel more professional, like an office table, chair, and a couple of digital and conventional devices to help you keep up with your tasks. But before you bring new items in, you need to do some decluttering. Get rid of things you do not require for work and probably even make money from them with the help of to make room for your office stuff. If you fax regularly, you could save space by opting to send fax through Gmail with a fax service, instead of adding a bulky machine in your your space.

Container van office


If you have space in your yard and want to build a separate structure, going for a container van and converting it into an office is the way to go. Container vans are widely available. You can find units in varying sizes to suit your needs and requirements. You can place this structure anywhere in your yard, and move it if needed, making it a convenient choice for its versatility. Brush it up with new paint color and decorate the van according to your office style, and you will be ready to accomplish your work assignments in no time.

A garden shed


Building a home office in your garden is another beautiful idea. Who says an office must be confined in an enclosed structure? Some people find it even more inspiring to work while being close to nature and beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of this point and set up your office desk right where you can get quality work done.

Guidelines in identifying the best spot


The good thing about home offices is you could efficiently work around the available space, regardless of size or face. The three options mentioned above are ideal, but you can always locate your work elsewhere if your property does not allow such structures to take shape. Here are helpful guidelines on building your home office and making sure you are doing it right, starting with the features you must invest in.

  • Lighting. Proper lighting can inspire creativity and boost higher energy levels. That’s why your workplace must have a sufficient amount of natural and artificial light. But between the two, you must prioritize the presence of natural light as it increases performance and focus. Your workplace at home must have at least one window. If not, you can use a fixture that imitates daylight best: a full spectrum bulb.
  • Noise-canceling capability. People have different preferences when it comes to sound. Some could thrive amid outside noise, while others work best in a quiet corner. But for sure, you would not let all the hustle and bustle around the house into your office because it will surely disrupt your workflow. Interruptions could hurt your productivity, and you wouldn’t want that. So always opt for an environment with minimal noise permitted or at least invest in good quality, noise-canceling headphones. You need to only let in the amount of noise you can tolerate, so it does not affect your performance.
  • Temperature. Wherever your home office may be located, it must be in a space where you can stay comfortable. Having a hand at controlling the temperature to ensure it doesn’t go to extremes is another feature you can’t overlook.
  • The ergonomics. Superb ergonomics, comfortable seating, and clutter-free surrounding all work for the good. That means you have to mind your workspace’s layout, making sure everything is in an ideal position so you can do your tasks without hassle. If your space is limited and you are only allowed a few items, make them work to create a layout that will work for you.
  • Your design preference. When all the comfort features are taken care of, all that’s left is the design. But you should not go easy on this last element because it is as vital to the value of your home office as the others. Consider your personality when building the design elements of your workspace to make it feel your own. It will enhance your productivity when it matches your personal preferences–from the colors to the accents and others.

Workdays should not be dreadful. Instead, they should be bright and dandy, inspiring you to do your best and produce the most impressive outputs. You cannot achieve that if your home office looks dreadful in the first place. So go ahead, convert a spot in your house and make it look and feel like whatever your dream office is supposed to be.

You deserve a well-equipped and well-designed space to help you focus on getting things done for work and keeping it separate from your personal life. It does not matter if you have to make do with a space under the stairs or you have the entire yard to work with. You can always adapt to any situation and come up with the best, most conducive spot. Learn to declutter like a rockstar for a good start. That’s how you can create enough elbow room and breathing room to tackle your tasks head-on.

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