6 Best Cat Breeds for Seniors in 2024

Old age is not something that people always look forward to. But it is inevitable and should be embraced so that you get the best out of it. This age brings wisdom, relaxation from many obligations, and a lot of free time that you can spend with quality. But there are also some not-so-beautiful sides of the golden age.

The fact is that older people can often feel lonely for a variety of reasons. Loved ones and friends may not visit them too often because of their responsibilities. They are no longer as capable and active as they were in their youth. Also, perhaps poor health conditions don’t allow these people to enjoy their favorite activities and socializing as they used to. That means they spend more and more time at home.

But there is a company that can have multiple benefits for the elderly – cats. Besides great company, these animals can provide some health benefits. Science has shown that their purring has healing and calming properties. If you check a fantastic read you’ll see there’s a whole bunch of breeds you can adopt.

1. Ragdoll


The best cat breeds for seniors would give unbelievable unconditional love and increase mental activity. This is what makes Ragdoll cats great companions to seniors. They are playful and cuddly mollies but also can be real couch potatoes.

If you are looking for a cat with fur that requires little maintenance, Ragdoll is for you. These cats don’t shed as much as you think, despite their long hair. A few minutes of brushing every day will keep their coat and your home neat. Provide them with a few scratching places around your home, and they will do their ‘manicure’ alone.

2. Maine Coons


Maine Coons are real gentle giants. They will be your faithful followers wherever you go, unless they find something more interesting, like food or toys. They enjoy their solitude and won’t mind napping for hours. You can expect them in your lap as soon as you sit or lay down.

These cats require little grooming. Maine Coons are quiet and independent, but they can sometimes be loud, especially when they want your attention. Luckily, you can ‘bribe’ them with a few treats or a ball to play with. Plus, they get along great with other pets, even dogs.

3. American and British Shorthair


The American and British Shorthair are popular breeds that the elderly can adopt. They are both medium-sized cats with short, smooth hair. The bodies of these animals are well-balanced, and British ones are a bit smaller than their American cousins.

Both American and British Shorthair possess intelligence and can have a high level of energy level. But if their owners are not so active, they won’t have trouble adapting to an easy-going lifestyle. Even if you deal with restless kittens, you can give them a few toys, and they can play for hours without bothering you.

4. Russian Blue


Any person who wants a long-term companion would quickly discover that the Russian Blue is a great fit. These royal cats (favorite pets of Russian royalty) are neat, elegant, and authentic. All those shades of gray and deep blue make your pet looks like a jewel. Their fur is like the finest and softest velvet.

The Russian blue is very calm but curious and intelligent. These felines are favorite pets among the elderly because of their mild nature and high affection. They can be a bit jealous, so don’t have these cats if you have other pets. They just don’t like to share with you.

5. Persian Cats


For those seniors who want to add a bit of elegance to their lifestyle, Persian is a great option. With that lush coat and sparkly eyes, these cats are beautiful to look at. Besides their authentic appearance, they also have sweet personalities and charm. Persian cats are medium-sized, usually weigh between seven and 12 pounds, and measure from 10-15 inches tall. They are quiet and subdued and can lay on your lap for hours. Many times, you won’t even notice they are around.

What can be a problem with Persians is that they must always be groomed with care. That can be a tricky job for a senior, especially those who are less mobile. So it’s best to leave that to an experienced professional. But that’s an additional expense since the Persians, like any long-haired race, require regular grooming. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for some other, low-maintenance breed.

6. Domestic Cat


If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a purebred cat, domestic cats can become your pets and make your life better. With a unique set of features, domestic cats can be very affectionate pets. This ‘breed’ is very healthy and strong, so they won’t mind staying indoors or outdoors.

Although they don’t have pedigrees and noble origins, domestic kittens have an authentic nature. They can easily adapt to the new owner. Whether you took them from the shelter or they just walked into your yard, it is a fateful sign to give this wonderful creature a warm home. In return, you will get a ton of love. They will just enjoy you being by their side.

When a cat cuddles with them, most people find that they feel more relaxed and happier. That’s what seniors need – unconditional love and a faithful companion to share their homes with, even if it has fur, tail, and four legs.

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