Andean Condor : National Bird of Bolivia

National Bird of Bolivia

The national bird of Bolivia is Andean Condor. Condor is very beautiful bird. On his beak and forehead the is large crest of the same color. Necklace of white feathers at the base of the neck. Whole body covered with black feathers with some metallic shine. Wing covered with white sash divided by black line. Female is smaller than the male, without Crest, with red eyes.

National Bird of Bolivia


Condor reproduces every two years, manifesting itself by dances on land, between the months of August and September. Condor has nests in crevices or caves in cliffs by laying an egg, white spots on the rock or sandstone of the place. This is oval, with average measures 114 x 70 mms. Time of incubation between 54 and 65 days. Both the male and the female take care of the brood, which remains in the nest for 6 to 8 months, separating from their parents between 5 and 8 years.

[table caption=”Andean Condor Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Bolivia
3,Wingspan,280-320 cms
5,Mass Male,8-15 kgrms.
6,Mass Female, 8-10 kgrms.
7,Body Length,around 3.3 – 4.3 ft

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Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Bolivia:

  • He very rarely attacks other animals.
  • He mainly feeds on dead animals and fish that manages to locate from the heights because of its extraordinarily sharp-eyed.
  • A feature is not to be a hunting bird, as the Eagle, Hawk or Falcon.
  • His legs being more similar to the legs of the hens
  • Andean condor can store 4 kg food for her offspring in the nest.
  • Another feature of the condors is that he has large hooked beak, and very strong.
  • Andean condor can break the hard leather with his beak.
  • Andean condor fly’s on high mountains.
  • Because of high fly he has nest on mountains.
  • Andean condor nest should be any cracks on rocks or deep mountain caves.

Andean Condor Picture

picture of Andean Condor

At the Condor Cross in Colca Canyon.

Andean Condor Pics

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