African Fish Eagle : National Bird Of Namibia

The national bird of Namibia

The national bird of Namibia is African Fish Eagle, it is also the official bird of few neighboring African countries of Namibia. The African Fish Eagles are distinguished from sea eagles from their physique and habitat. They are scattered throughout the sub-Saharanarid region and feed on meat and fish. They live mostly near vast water reserves. They belong to phylum Chordata, class Aves, and family Accipitridae. Their binomial name is Haliaeetus Vocifer. They are colossal in size and have a straight color combination of black, white, and brown. The primary source of food is aquatic animals, mostly fish, and flamingoes. They have adamant eyesight, they dive from the sky with the fastest speed by any bird to catch the fish.

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They mostly prey in the water, they attack from the sky or a tall tree. The sea eagles hang onto cliffs and rocks before prey. African Fish Eagles may hunt down smaller animals, monkeys, and crocodiles. Apart from lakes and deserts, African Fish Eagles are found in the coastal area, mangroves, rain forests, and tropical grasslands of the sub-Saharan African region.

[table caption=”African Fish Eagle Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Namibia
3,Wingspan,2 m (6 feet)
5,Mass Male,2-2.5 kg
6,Mass Female, 3.2-3.6 k
7,Body Length,around 2 m (6.6 ft)

African Fish Eagles which is the National Bird of Namibia possess reverse sexual dimorphism, females are larger and heavier than the males, the male bird has a white head with the brown body. The head is entirely white, similar to American Eagles. Their tails and head are white colored, the face is yellowish white in color. The beak is pitch black, and eyes have brown patches around them. Their wings, when expanded may reach up to 3 m in length from both sides. The males have a shorter wingspan up to 2m while the females have an average wingspan of 2.5 meters. Their long feathers help them make long-distance flights, they travel up to 15 miles every day when hunting.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Namibia :

  • African Fish Eagles mate for life, they maintain two nests and make use of them frequently.
  • The female African Fish Eagles lay two to three eggs every season, they lay eggs in autumn season every year.
  • The eggs are hatched after 45 days, both male and female African Fish Eagles incubate the eggs on turns.
  • Mostly male provide the food in the incubation period.
  • The eggs are large and have few red and orange patches, the chicks are featherless with large eyes.
  • The life expectancy of African Fish Eagles is 12-20 years on average. The oldest African Fish Eagle lived was 30 years old.
  • The species are abundant in the African region, approximately 500,000 in population worldwide and are specified as least concerned species.
  • They nest on tall trees, the nest is made up of wood and grass and 1 meter in depth.
  • African Fish Eagle also appears on the coat of arms of Namibia. They are part of Zimbabwean flag.
  • African Fish Eagles are also known as the voice of Africa for their abundance in the region.
  • They have a loud and high-pitch call weee-ah, hyo-hyoor a heee-ah, heeah-heeah.
  • They are listed as carnivores; they prey on meat.
  • The average weight of African Fish Eagle is 2-3 kg, the total length range between 65-75 cm.

African Fish Eagle Picture

picture of African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle pics

African Fish Eagle picture

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