Fennec Fox : National animal of Algeria

National animal of Algeria

With its disproportionate ears, oblique eyes and pointed nose is the little fox (Vulpes zerda) is national animal of Algeria and the name of the national team, Les Fennecs. Also known as the “Desert Fox”, which is a reference to their favorite habitat, national animal of Algeria is likely to be seen in the arid areas of Algeria as well as in other North African countries. Fennec is the smallest canidart in the world and is well suited to thrive in the often harsh environment that is their home. It is considered the “least concern” for conservation, and birds of prey are the greatest threat to survive by Fennec.

Fennec Fox National animal of Algeria

Interesting facts about Fennec Fox 

In addition to the phenomenon of wiping the heat, his large ears help to discover the prey, even if his prey is underground. The fox is predominantly on insects, birds and small mammals, but they also eat plants and eggs. A Fennec can survive for long periods of time without drinking water because it gets fluids from its food and its kidneys are adapted to limit water loss. But Fennec drink water when available.

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With creamy, fluffy skin with a weight of 0,68 to 1,59 kg, fennec about 20 cm in height at the shoulder with a body length between 24 and 41 cm. The tail with black tip measures up to 31 cm length and the ears between 10 and 15 cm. Fennec’s suns are covered with thick skin as protection from the heat of the desert. Like the nightlife, they usually grow daylight in their caves or hide in cliffs or shrubs.

Fennec Fox National animal of Algeria

On the basis of the observation of animals in captivity, the Fennec foxes seem ready for life and live as a family unit, and older siblings still live with the family when a new fodder is born. The brutzeit is usually born between January and March, with between two and five offspring after a 52-day pregnancy. In addition to barking and pigs, when threatened, Fennecs make a purr like sound like a cat. They are social animals and spend time and play together. But when women are in the season, men tend to be aggressive and mark their territory.

International Nature Conservation (IUCN) has pointed out that it is necessary to study Fennec fox in its natural habitat in order to really understand the use of habitat and its population dynamics. Be sure to look for this interesting little animal while you explore Algeria outside.

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