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Bratislava : Capital City of Slovakia

Capital City of Slovakia

Bratislava is a beautiful city situated on the banks of the Danube river , approximately 60 km from Vienna the capital of Austria and near the border with Hungary , is the capital and largest city of Slovakia , from there stand the famous Carpathian mountains .

The present name of Bratislava has its origin in 1837, when the skabel Pavel Josef Šafárik from old names rebuilt a variant of this name, Bretislaw, believing that these derived from the name of the governor Bretislaus I of Bohemia. This name was used in the first instance by the members of the Slovak movement in 1844 as Bratislav and the official name of the city was established in March 1919, after the city became part of Czechoslovakia.


Bratislava Capital City of Slovakia

Interesting facts about Bratislava

Bratislava is considered that the city has the highest population density in Central Europe with approximately 446,819 inhabitants and is the seat of the Slovak parliament and government The city retains very well some areas of historical and cultural interest such as the picturesque area of ??the Old Town And has a river port, of great activity.

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The first settlements established in the area date back approximately 5000 BC in the Neolithic linked especially with the Culture of ceramics bands and according to studies it is proposed that around 200 a. C the Celtic tribe of the Boii founded the first important settlement, which consisted of a fortified area called oppidum, but already for the century Id.C. And until the fourth century the area fell under the Roman Empire and became part of a system of border defense called limes romanus. Under the Roman power and the introduction by these of the culture of the grape was initiated to a tradition of the elaboration of exquisite wines that is conserved until our days.

Bratislava Capital City of Slovakia


However the Slavs considered the actual ancestors of the current Slovaks came between the 5th and 6th centuries during the Migration Period. Already by the year 623 the local Slavic tribes rebelled, they united and they created the Empire of Samo seeking to be strengthened and to be able to face the constant attacks by the Avars .

With the fall of the Great Moravia due to the siege of the Hungarians, the first writings are drawn up, which nowadays become the first written reference of the city. These writings date back to 907, when La Gran Moravia constituted One of the largest Slavic states of the ninth century.

Bratislava Capital City of Slovakia

The economy of the entire Bratislava Region is the richest and most prosperous in Slovakia, despite being the smallest region both in size and population, and its gross domestic product (GDP) is the second highest, only surpassed by Prague taking into account All the regions of the EU which belong to the new Member States, mostly from the former socialist camp and within it are the headquarters of many government institutions and private companies.
Due to its multicultural character, its culture is influenced by a variety of ethnic groups that have been linked to its origin and history and culture as such, and because of the extraordinary reach and development of this sphere, Bratislava is the historical cultural center of Slovakia where there are many Theaters, museums, galleries, concert halls, cinemas and a number of cultural institutions of local and national importance.

Education and science
In the city of Bratislava all the levels of education are developed from the primary to the university including special education, in this beautiful city are located the headquarters of important educational centers of the country among which stand out the university of the largest Comenius of Slovakia , The Slovak University of Technology the largest technical university in the country as well as the oldest art schools such as the Academy of Performing Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The Slovak Academy of Sciences is also located here.

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