Where You Can Use Wholesale Greenery?

Bright-looking bulk greenery is an indispensable component for creating all kinds of compositions and panels. Naturalistic twigs and leaves for decoration are made incredibly believable. Due to this, any product using wholesale greenery looks impressive and attractive.

Why should you pay attention to fresh ornamental greenery?


Greenery in bulk is a real find for decorators and florists. Greenery for bouquets has a lot of advantages:

  • resistance to UV rays;
  • strength;
  • color variety;
  • natural appearance;
  • aesthetics.

Living greenery in the interior instead of the usual flowers

Decorative greenery in appearance is in no way inferior to the usual flowers. Its thin spikelets will fit into any interior and will look good on the windowsill in the bedroom or on the dining table in the kitchen. A high home lawn in narrow and long pots can zone the space, for example, separating the seating area from the kitchen. And decorative greenery in small pots decorates the festive dining table.

What greens are added to bouquets for different events


Green colors soothe and create a sense of harmony and balance. They symbolize freshness, new life, and healing, both spiritual and physical. Therefore, in modern floristics, greenery in bulk is the most popular type of bouquet decoration.

  • Pistachio. It is versatile and can be combined with any flowers, emphasizes the depth of floral shades, and makes the composition more sophisticated.
  • Ruskus – needle. The plant has juicy green pointed leaves, thanks to which it got its name. In the language of flowers, Ruscus means reliability as a character trait, hope, and healing from illness. It is added to men’s bouquets and compositions as a gift to management and business partners.
  • Beargrass, or scientifically Xerophyllum. Florists are very fond of long flexible blades of grass. They can be given any shape, and they will keep fresh for up to 14 days. And even when bergrass dries out, it remains the same elastic, so it is added to autumn bouquets with dried flowers.
  • Thlaspi Green Bell. It is also called tilapia or “shepherd’s purse” because of the leaves, which are shaped like a shepherd’s purse. A plant with miniature white flowers looks very airy and gentle. It is often combined with roses to reduce the “degree of passion” and add tenderness to flowers.
  • Pittosporum or resin seed. The fruits, flowers, and leaves of the plant are very fragrant, so it is actively used in perfumery. Florists value pittosporum for its curved foliage, which gives bouquets a playful curl.
  • Limonium, kernel, or statice. It’s more of a companion flower than green, but one can’t help but mention it. It comes in different shades: white, lilac, purple, and pink. In the language of flowers, Limonium means success and happiness, as well as memory and sympathy.
  • Hypericum or St. John’s wort. Red or pink fruits are added to New Year’s autumn and wedding compositions. Hypericum means happiness, cheerfulness, and inspiration. It is given to those who are at the beginning of a new life stage.

You can buy greenery in bulk for wedding ceremonies


A wedding is a special day, so the flower arrangement should also be special. Nothing like greenery complements a bride’s bouquet or room decoration, arches are as bright and beautiful as decorative greenery.

  • Eucalyptus is a sacred plant among the indigenous people of Australia. It symbolizes the strength of the mind, inextricable connection, and purposefulness. The eucalyptus tree has a peculiarity: its roots extract gold from the soil. But for the plant, it is toxic, so the gold particles are pushed out through the leaves. The particle size is tiny, but their very presence shows that the earth is rich in precious metals. This fact gives eucalyptus another meaning – wealth and abundance.
  • Boxwood is an evergreen shrub, so it symbolizes immortality. Hard leaves represent abundance and strength, and a powerful root system – connection with the earth and a stable position.
  • You can recreate the royal traditions of an English wedding and add myrtle to the bridal bouquet. It symbolizes love, strong marriage, and fertility. It is difficult to buy myrtle in flower shops, but it is sold as a houseplant. Cut off a branch and add it to the main flowers as a charm for your new family.

How to choose greenery for a bouquet and where do buy it?


Before you start collecting a bouquet of flowers with greenery, it is important to “draw” in your imagination the image of the future composition. In this case, a lot depends on who the flower bouquet will be addressed to: a man or a woman, a soul mate or a work colleague. It is customary to give bold bouquets of pink, red, and burgundy flowers only to close people, for the rest it is better to choose inflorescences in a more restrained range, for example, white or cream colors. Greenery for bouquets can be used not only as decoration but also to make independent compositions from it. You will get an original gift that will definitely be remembered by the recipient for a long time.

You can buy the most beautiful and spectacular greens in the online stores. Cooperating with us, you will have only the best impressions, and we will be able to choose for you such decorative greenery that will not only complement any bouquet for any event but can also become a beautiful decoration on its own.

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