Top 5 Weapon Lights for Your AR-15

If you plan to use your weapon on dark days, evenings, or at night, it is going to be crucial for you to go out and buy a weapon light for your AR-15 upper. Check out this website if you are looking to build your home defense rifle that will allow you to attach a weapon light. Hands-free weapon lights are going to be the most convenient for you, since they are most often mounted to the top of the barrel.

The Benefits Of A Weapon Light

This type of weapon light, in addition to being more convenient, is also safer. It allows you to grip the gun with both of your hands, making your shot more accurate and your grip more secure.
The light can be turned on and off, so you do not have to use them when you do not need them. Additionally, these lights are made especially for the kick back of the firearm, they are not going to break on you from the recoil alone.

The light is going to illuminate your target so that you can see in dim conditions, and in the case of close contact shooting, it can even blind or disorient them. If you ever find yourself using your AR-15 and weapon light in a self defense situation, the person you are up against is going to be able to see the light in the dark, but it is not likely that they are going to be able to precisely identify enough behind it.

Everyone Needs A Weapon Light

Even if you feel as if you do not need a light on your weapon, it is still always a good idea to have one. If you do not see a use for it at the moment which you are shooting, by all means, do not turn it on.

However, the scary things and unprecedented situations are most likely going to happen at night. Even if you choose to only shoot in the daytime, if you are interested in self defense or the defense of your home, it is probably in your best interest to get a weapon light. No one wants to go head-first into a dark or scary situation without being able to see.

When you are choosing a weapon light, there are many things that you want to consider. The design, weight, and intended use of the light are all going to be very important when you are shopping.

If you are looking to get one that is specifically made for your AR-15, has multiple settings, and is light weight, you are looking at possibly spending a bit more money. If you choose a light that is made from mostly plastic, it is still going to fit your mount and do the job, it just may not be as fancy.

What Are The Best Weapon Lights

Once you get into more expensive lights, you will find ones that are specifically manufactured for shooting and combat situations, they will be super light and very bright. Here are some recommendations that I have based on a few different factors:

1. Cisno 1000


If you are looking to find a bargain as you are searching for a weapon light while simultaneously not compromising on quality, this may be the light for you. The Cisno 1000 gets its name from the amount of lumens that it has, which leads it to be extremely bright.

However, it is perfect if you are hunting in the forest or shooting out in the dark. Some complain about this light being a bit too big and bulky, but it is not super heavy. If you are looking for a weapon light that is going to be this bright, it is most likely going to be a bit bigger.

2. Streamlight TLR-RM 2


This is another light that consumers are pleased with in terms of both affordability and weight.

Many people use this light for their smaller and larger weapons, so this can most definitely be used on your AR-15. This light is not going to negatively impact the accuracy of your shot due to bulkiness or heaviness. Instead, it is relatively compact and virtually weightless.

It is made out of aluminum, but this does not compromise how sturdy and durable it is. This light also has an integrated laser sight. Many buyers actually prefer this light indoors, claiming that it would be great for home security. In addition, it is waterproof!

3. Orion 500 Lumen


This weapon light is known for being very bright and very sturdy. This thing can get very beat up and still stand a chance at working. Although it will not be as bright as the Cisno 1000 that we talked about before, it is still going to be extremely bright.

This light has multiple settings and an accessible switch to toggle between the settings. The sturdiness makes it so that the recoil will not jostle or break the light, and this is another one that is water resistant.

4. SureFire M640U


SureFire lights are very common among shooters and are known for being very reliable. This specific lens distributes a thin beam for precise light. This is made of aluminum, and is another one that is going to be very light.

It is specifically made for the outdoors, so it is not going to break easily. Some think that the mounting process for this weapon light is difficult, and while it is more involved, it is extremely secure once it is attached.

This is a slightly more expensive light, but the insane amount of positive reviews speak for themselves.

5. Streamlight TLR-1


Yes, I know, we have another Streamlight TLR in this list already. However, this just speaks to how reliable they are.

This is another one that is specifically manufactured with AR-15s in mind. Because of the high number of lumens, you are only going to want to use this outside, and it is a great hunting light, even for when you are out in the forest. The light can be easily attached and unattached and can be taken through water and snow.

Although it is an easy mount, it is still very tough and very sturdy.

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