Toucan: The National Bird of Belize

National Bird of Belize

The national bird of Belize is Toucan. The toucan is a bird of very singular aspect, a wonderful creation. Its design and appearance definitely proclaim the greatness of the Creator. In short, it is a bird of the most beautiful. The toucan inhabits the jungles of Mexico, Central America and South America. They belong to the family of the “Ramphastidae”, are easily recognized for their characteristic peak, long and attractive.

National Bird of Belize 

National Bird of Belize

The toucan is native to America and inhabits southern Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean region and northern South America in tropical and subtropical climates. It inhabits the humid jungles with an abundance of trees on which it can build its nest.

The peak of the toucan, however strong and powerful it seems, serves little as an element of defense or fight because it is hollow and light. Rather, it uses it to peel fruits and reach them in distant branches.

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[table caption=”Toucan Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Belize
3,Wingspan,30 to 35 cm
5,Mass Male, 680 grams.
6,Mass Female, 680 grams.
7,Body Length,60 cm.

Its diet is composed mainly of tropical fruits but it is not a frugivorous animal since it can also hunt insects, lizards and eggs.

  • The toucans can measure up to 60cm.
  • They can weigh up to 680 grams.
  • The toe of the toucan reaches the third part of the bird.
  • The huge toe of the toucan is striking and vividly colored on the outside.
  • The colors that protrude from a toucan’s beak are: blue, yellow, red, green, carrot color for the beak, with black plumage.
  • The colors of the chest can be: yellow, white or blue.
  • The peak consists of a spongy tissue, ingeniously designed keratin that makes it light and strong at the same time.
  • The tongue is very narrow at the edges and has a series of villi.
  • The toucans do not emit a song properly, but their loud squawks are heard more than 1 km away.
  • When in flight its plumage produces a very loud noise.
  • A unique way of sleeping have the toucans as they place their beaks on their back that cover with feathers, resembling a large ball of feathers.

Interesting Facts About Toucan

  • The toucan feeds on fruits and insects, for which your beak is the best tool you have to start and peel what you need.
  • To eat fruit first they reach it with the beak, they take it out of the branch and if it is not very big, the part in half to be able to remove the seeds or the bone and then the pulp is swallowed.
  • If it is something very bulky, they nail their sharp beak in the fruit and start a portion in the form of a guy.
  • The toucans make their nests in the hollows of the trees, depositing of two to four eggs of completely white shell.
  • They are monogamous.
  • Females usually pull their beaks out of the trunk where their nest is, to keep away monkeys trying to get close.
  • Toucans are birds that live in society generally greater than 10 birds or per dozen.
  • Toucans are not birds that migrate.

Toucan Picture

 Picture of Toucan

A toco toucan, Ramphastos toco, at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.

Toucan Pics

Toucan Picture

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