Selfie Stick Tripods- To Use or Not to Use While Travelling.

Will a selfie stick make your trip more memorable or ruin it? Well, I am out here to answer exactly that. Briefly, we will go through the pros and cons for anyone who would want to weigh before deciding on whether to have them or not.

And ooh, you could be wondering, what exactly is a selfie tripod stick? These are those handheld expandable rods that allow you to position your cell phone a few feet away, so you can get a wider angle of yourself.

Why then should you love them?

  • They let you get pictures of you with a paranoia whenever you are traveling solo.

I wouldn’t want to hand my pricey iPhone to a stranger for a photo when I’m traveling alone. The selfie stick is therefore always there for me in such situations. With it, I can perfectly control the image quality to take the perfect photo of myself.

  • It lets you get cool and unusual camera angles.

You may need to shoot the scenes from above, say over the crowd or a fence. What of scenes from below too, capturing tall things such as a soaring waterfall or the Washington Monument. Only a selfie stick shall guarantee such luxury. They come with very cool video possibilities too.

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  • You are less likely to drop your phone.

You may not really understand what I am talking if you you’ve never leaned awkwardly over the edge of a balcony with a view, twisting to position your arm just right, then trying to stretch your finger far enough to reach the capture button. Quite a struggle huh. Selfie sticks serve to relieve you from all that.

  • They enable you to preserve memories that might otherwise be forgotten.

A selfie stick will guarantee better shots. They will capture the best moments in the best way and basically, that’s why they are a perfect tool to carry along.

Why you may hate them.

  1. You may tend to look like a narcist.

Sad huh? But yeah, they’ve in fact nicknamed it narcissi-stick.

  1. It will most probably slow you down.

It means extra lines and waits if you have to store your selfie stick every time you get to a place where they are prohibited.

  1. It adds into the baggage you have to carry.

I am the kind that doesn’t really like carrying stuff around. And yeah, having a selfie stick may not turn out to be much fun for me as I have to carry around. Another piece of luggage.

  1. You won’t focus on soaking up the scene.

It will most likely engage you to the point you can’t really tell what you’ve traveled so far.

  1. You can inadvertently annoy other travelers.

They may obstruct other people’s view and that will most likely not be fun for them.

  1. Everyone knows you are a tourist.

The low-key tourist is known to have more fun. Selfie sticks take that from you. They are like a face mark written, “I am a Tourist.” I don’t enjoy that at all.

I believe that before deciding on whether to get a selfie stick or not, you have to look at the pros and cons of having them. For me, I think it’s actually a good thing to have. For the memories and the fun that they ferry along. What if you consider getting one for yourself too? It wouldn’t do much harm.

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